There’s something we are afraid of. There’s something we were not taught. Something that was suppressed and in order to be safe, we numbed it down.

It’s feeling our emotions. Fully.I was so good at numbing it down that I ended up in a burnout with 23 and was not able to feel any sensation in my body from my throat downwards until my toes for at least 2 months straight.

I let myself be taught, it’s unsafe to feel. It’s a weakness. It’s not appropriate. I better hold myself together. And this is true for all of us to a certain extent.

Two women who worked with me at the beginning of this year, made the same statement this week: “Before I started the sessions with you, I didn’t even know that I was numb. That I couldn’t feel my heart, even not the physical pulse of my heart. I was shocked. And now I am so open that I feel it all.”

Everyone who started doing their inner work and is full on this year knows what I’m talking about when I say that the only way to go through this wild intense time right now is to feel. To be in and with your body with everything that arises. It is uncomfortable and sometimes it breaks you down to the ground writhe with pain. It may even make you vomit.

And yet, it’s the only way as our bodies are purging old trauma from lifetimes and lifetimes of human history.

In order to feel you need to let the FEMININE inside of you free. The FEMININE is rising and SHE is unstoppable. SHE is your life force. SHE is who creates life on Earth and SHE is here now to move through these dense consciousnesses to release them for good.

Liberate your wildness. Roar. Scream. Shout. And cry.

Punch your anger into your pillows. Stamp your rage with your feet into the ground. Let the waterfall of tears run down your cheeks while you are lying on the bathroom floor.

It’s impossible anymore to suppress HER.

Learn how to let your emotions flow through your body. Turn on the volume and experience them fully. Learn how to completely surrender and even break down into them while holding yourself.

This is your full embodied experience you came here for.

And see what happens…

I am right here with you in all of this 🖤

Photo: Jairo Alzate

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