When a woman attempts to heal herself and liberate her organic life force, but circulates inside a limited spiritual frame of understanding, she will not break through. Her soul will stay trapped in an artificial reality with its installed systems of manipulation, corruption and suffering until she digs so deeply that she arrives at aContinue reading “MULTIDIMENSIONAL SHADOW INTEGRATION”


This morning it dropped. It took me 8 years now to understand what actually happened in the yoga classes I visited in the winter of 2012 when I freshly moved to Berlin. It was the year when I healed from my burnout, quit with my studies and made my dream of living in Berlin comeContinue reading “THE WHITE DOVE”


There’s something we are afraid of. There’s something we were not taught. Something that was suppressed and in order to be safe, we numbed it down. It’s feeling our emotions. Fully.I was so good at numbing it down that I ended up in a burnout with 23 and was not able to feel any sensationContinue reading “THE ONLY WAY IS TO FEEL”

Your Inner Sensual Garden

How delicious just the wording sounds: INNER SENSUAL GARDEN – What is it actually? It’s a place within a woman she has access to when she comes home to herself and reclaims her birthright of her sensual aliveness. It’s a place she’s meant to experience as a human being on Planet Earth. Our physical planeContinue reading “Your Inner Sensual Garden”