It simmers in your bones. It blazes your skin. And slowly eats your liver. From the inside out. And at some point, it turns into bitterness and resentment. Your ANGER. Being raised as the good girl, you stuffed it down. You are never angry. Nobody would ever assume you are angry. The years go byContinue reading “SACRED ANGER”


There’s something we are afraid of. There’s something we were not taught. Something that was suppressed and in order to be safe, we numbed it down. It’s feeling our emotions. Fully.I was so good at numbing it down that I ended up in a burnout with 23 and was not able to feel any sensationContinue reading “THE ONLY WAY IS TO FEEL”

Becoming permeable I Durchlässig werden

[DEUTSCHE VERSION UNTEN] Every day presents some smaller and some bigger challenges for us. Often times I ask myself how we can deal with them in a more gentle way, so that they neither damage our nerves nor our glands and thereby, bring our hormones out of balance. We are highly sensitive beings with veryContinue reading “Becoming permeable I Durchlässig werden”