How can you move from a state of disconnection, numbness and anxiety to feeling yourself again? We all know this… The more we evolve on our path of consciousness expansion, the less we can tolerate a disconnection from our body and the more painful the numbness becomes. The anxiety level increases and sometimes might evenContinue reading “FROM NUMBNESS & ANXIETY TO CONNECTION”


There’s something we are afraid of. There’s something we were not taught. Something that was suppressed and in order to be safe, we numbed it down. It’s feeling our emotions. Fully.I was so good at numbing it down that I ended up in a burnout with 23 and was not able to feel any sensationContinue reading “THE ONLY WAY IS TO FEEL”


We need to create a world in which we are not abandoned for feeling what we call “negative” emotions – especially not by ourselves. Abandonment causes immense pain and creates a split within ourselves. We reject, shame and hate the parts of ourselves that once were abandoned by someone else. Growing up in a patriarchallyContinue reading “(SELF)ABANDONMENT”