The resurgence of the graceful human being

Coming home to ourselves. Coming home in our body.

By consciously sensing our physical body we are in the here and now. We are a spiritual being making a human experience on Planet Earth.

Mother Earth is calling us for reconnection.

Reconnection with her. Shakti. Nature. Wilderness.

Reconnection with ourselves. Our essence. Our truth.

As we move our body with grace, we perceive every single part of it intensely. For every step we take, we stride our feet on the ground in pure elegance. With open senses we walk the path of our life.

Guided by our heart. The voice of our soul.

Die Wiederauferstehung des anmutigen Menschen

In uns ankommen. In unserem Körper nach Hause kommen.

Durch bewusstes Spüren unseres physischen Körpers sind wir im Hier und Jetzt. Als spirituelle Wesen, die eine menschliche Erfahrung auf dem Planeten Erde machen.

Mutter Erde ruft uns zur Wiederverbindung.

Wiederverbindung mit ihr. Shakti. Der Natur. Der Wildnis.

Wiederverbindung mit uns selbst. Unserer Essenz. Unserer Wahrheit.

Während wir unseren Körper in Anmut bewegen, nehmen wir jeden einzelnen Teil intensiv wahr. In bewusster Eleganz schreiten wir mit unseren Füßen auf der Erde. Schritt für Schritt. Mit geöffneten Sinnen gehen wir den Weg unseres Lebens.

Geführt von unserem Herzen. Der Stimme unserer Seele.

Es ist jetzt Zeit, dass wir uns befreien. Und damit den Schleier des Vergessens und der Ignoranz abwerfen. So treten wir ein in die neue Dimension.



Anke Braun, Graphic Designer & Artist

„Sabrina`s coaching is based on love and empowerment. I have been on my own spiritual path for many years, but Sabrina was able to show me something game changing. With her deep rooted and soft feminine energy she brought me from a place of searching in the outside to finding my „guru“ within. To really connect with my own inner wisdom and live from this place. I was able to apply her tools and teachings to my own journey over and over again.

Each session with Sabrina feels like coming home to myself. With a great mix of skills, inspired visions and intuition she always leads me to a new perspective on my current situation and helps me to break free from „impassable rocks and borders“. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!“

Chloé Le Gaillard, General Manager

„I was lucky to have my very first Kundalini Yoga experience with Sabrina and it was a bliss!!!! She is the sweetest yoga teacher I have ever met and she really cares about her job. More than a job, yoga seems to be her life mission. She spreads her teaching with love and respect.“

Marianna Barthel, Expert in Parenting and Child Education

„When I think about Sabrina’s Kundalini Yoga sessions I feel big gratitude. Besides of her being a very empathic teacher, I grew in her lessons. I learned to listen to my inner voice and started to feel the feminine side inside of me for the first time. During the sessions with her you have the chance to connect with your body and feel into everything in every moment. That was a new experience to me. After every yoga session with Sabrina I was relaxed, calm and full of love.“