Every time a woman comes home to herself and remembers who she is, the Earth experiences an orgasm.



The time has come to liberate yourself. To strip away the veil of oblivion, ignorance and shame.

To remember who you really are. In your wholeness. In your essence.

You are coming home to yourself.

Waves of warm pulsating energy like warm liquid honey are emerging from the sacred waters in your pelvis. Making their way up to expand your heart. And from there rushing through your whole body until you are fully encircled in a delicious golden light leaving you feeling all tender, juicy and blissfully alive.

From lifetimes of violent heartbreak you are arising and awakening to your gifts.

With your eros ignited you are channeling your life force into the birth of your creations.

In your sensual aliveness and sexual pleasure.

Guided by the voice of your heart.

Welcome home, woman.