The Resurgence of your Sensual Self

Coming home to yourself. Coming home in your wonderful body.
By consciously sensing your physical body you are in the here and now. You are a spiritual being making a human experience on Planet Earth.
Gaia is calling you for reconnection.
Reconnecting with her. Shakti. With your sensual nature. Your raw wildness.
Reconnecting with yourself. Your essence. Your truth.
As you move your body with grace, you perceive every single part of it intensely. For every step you take, you stride your feet on the ground in pure elegance. With open senses you walk the path of your magical life. In alignment with the universe.
Guided by your heart. The voice of your soul.
The time has come to liberate yourself. To strip away the veil of oblivion and ignorance. To remember who you really are and enter into the new dimension.