There’s an essential distinction to be made when it comes to the underlying energetic currents of self-pleasure and masturbation. In fact, these are two different things.

Let’s strip the veil away to look closer at masturbation. Masturbation is driven by lasciviousness and arousal with the goal to have an orgasm, a release. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. However, when we solely approach our sexual nature from a state of lustfulness, we are bound to a fixed neural pathway that is based on conditioning, attachments, dogma, suppression, shame and the subsequent fantasies that we are used to in order to peak and release. These fantasies leave us mostly hanging around in our upper mind-based energy centers making masturbation a disembodied act that disregards what other parts in our body, especially our genitals, actually feel in this moment. Even the spectrum of experiencing pleasure is limited by this (self-)conditioned behaviour that can also add a highly addictive component to it.

This fixed neural pathway was usually set up in our early masturbation experiences as a child or teenager with all the cultural and societal conditioning we were exposed to back then.

Especially, when masturbation is goal-oriented towards a clitoral orgasm, there’s a high peak where we feel a big release and then the energy drops down and can leave us feeling depleted and empty. There’s none to little inner fulfillment afterwards as there’s no higher interconnected intention, let alone a multidimensional purpose behind it. And yet, there’s nothing wrong with using masturbation to release pressure or stress from time to time. A major key is just to be conscious of it.

Self-pleasure on the other hand is the ability to drop into what’s truly alive in the present moment following the current of our life force energy. When we consciously set time aside and prepare a space for self-pleasuring by even lighting a candle, taking a bath and surrounding us with beautiful fragrances to enhance the senses, we intentionally honour our sexuality and remind us of the innocence of our erotic nature.

Self-pleasure means to deeply feel into our body and let us be led by the natural flow of our life force by consciously using awareness, touch, breath, sound and movement without a certain expectation. We need to be in the present moment in order to let us be guided for what wants to be revealed. By doing so, we are able to explore and create new neural pathways for experiencing pleasure, open up other parts of our brain and activate deeper states of our parasympathetic nervous system which leads to an expansion of our consciousness and downloads of immense preciousness. It’s a practice to connect to our truth and look deeper into what actually blocks us from having full access to our vibrant aliveness which is our eros.

We need to understand that our sexual energy is our creative energy and thus, comprehend ourselves as the creators of our own reality to manifest what we deeply desire from our heart and what is already ours.

In self-pleasure we have the ability to track what keeps us from living from our inherent birthright of full aliveness and being in the flow streaming from the pulse of the Earth and the Universe in union. It’s a revelation of truth and helps us to remember why we are here, what our purpose is.

When we free up our erotic energy and let its natural intelligence move through our body, we create a field of magic and radiance around us.

There’s no goal in self-pleasure. It looks different every time and brings us closer to ourselves as we devote ourselves to the great mystery and open our cells to receive what we are ready for.

Self-pleasure can bring up hidden emotions, release numbness and pain from trauma that sits in our tissues and thus, is a true healing experience. We learn to stay connected with us in an embodied way with whatever emerges in the present moment, even if it’s frustration, grief, disappointment or anger.

In realising the potential of deeply knowing ourselves sexually lies the key of creatorship in interconnection with the All-that-is.

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