This event is an invitation for every female body being with a yoni who wants to rediscover their original feminine essence and experience their unique sensuality through deep breathing, guided meditations as well as sensual yoga movements all focusing on their yoni.

When we are disconnected from our life force energy in our feminine center, we find ourselves exclusively operating from our analytical mind and missing out on our body’s intelligence and wisdom that is stored in our womb space. This wisdom is ancient and directly connected to the cycles and rhythms of nature. From our yoni (Sanskrit name for the female genitalia) we birth our creations out into the world. It’s the seat of our original life force which is our sexual energy as well as our creative energy.

The relationship with our yoni mirrors our attitude towards life itself. She represents our commitment for our aliveness and the utilisation of our potential as a human being. When we begin to honour and reclaim our ability to feel and sense, we are being guided to our way back home to ourselves. Becoming conscious of the sensations in our yoni means to understand that the world around us affects our inner world. Her power leads us to look within and to recognize how our mind is capable of distorting our reality because of conditionings, dogmas, judgements and shame.

Bringing awareness from our mind down and anchoring into our womb space by movement, sound, breath and touch which enables us to experience a deep feeling of belonging, groundedness and pleasure. In our reclaimed soft as well as fierce femininity centered in our heart and in touch with our intuition, we comprehend ourselves as part of nature as well as of the whole universe and confidently embody the powerful being we truly are.

~ 1hour30 Live class, in sisterhood.

~ The yoni practices will guide you into a deep state of groundedness, belonging and pleasure.

~ Relax the muscles and improve the blood circulation in your pelvis for more lubrication, orgasmic pleasure, reduced menstrual pain and prevention from uterus prolapse.

~ Connect to your truth, come home to your body temple, embody your inner goddess and ignite your creativity as well as your sensual and sexual fire.

~ We end with a sharing circle in gratitude and interconnection.

“I can’t express enough in words how grateful I am for this experience. I was almost about to cry. It helped me to feel what it is like to feel my own self without that shame and disgust towards my sexuality. I have been holding on to so much and it left.” (Aakanksha Thorat)

“Never done yoni yoga before and I was definitely surprised about how many muscles we actually have in & around our yoni. At the end of the class I was very relaxed and my yoni felt warm from the inside.” (Franziska Gabler)

“I am so glad I joined. I felt like I ignited my sensual fire in that class. I felt so connected to my sexuality. I am so grateful for your wisdom.” (Rebecca Macdonald)

“I felt so much energy moving and a warm golden light in my body with my womb telling me I am already eveything I desire to be.” (Caroline Fearns)

“I feel ungrounded, but after the class I always feel deeply rooted, connected with my body and my yoni. My chakras feel much more in alignment and I feel held and loved by Mother Earth and the Universe. It’s not only a class, it’s a devotion for life.” (Vildan Aydemir)

Date & Time: Sunday, February 21st, 6 – 7:30 pm London Time

Price: 22€

To join the class no previous experience is needed. This class calls in all human beings who define themselves as women and want to connect with their yoni. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.

Looking so much forward to meeting you there!


As an Intuitive Healer, a Yoni Mystic and Mentor, Sabrina helps women from all over the world remember who they are. Women who consult her are here to reclaim their intuitive gifts and magic to step into their divine purpose on Earth by releasing trauma and blockages in their womb space, dearmouring their heart, connecting to their body temples, building a love relationship with their vagina and embodying their inner goddess.

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