We need to create a world in which we are not abandoned for feeling what we call “negative” emotions – especially not by ourselves.

Abandonment causes immense pain and creates a split within ourselves. We reject, shame and hate the parts of ourselves that once were abandoned by someone else.

Growing up in a patriarchally conditioned society, we most likely experienced being shamed or punished for feeling anger, rage or frustration. Or called weak for feeling sadness, disappointment or depression. Or even for simply “having a bad day” we were made feeling guilty. Sometimes, things were even so messed up that we learnt to use our “negative” emotions to get what we want: Attention. Candies. Then, it became manipulation which can never satisfy our true underlying need for unconditional love. We became trapped.

All of this especially plays out in our relationship dynamics. And I can also see it in business. Once, I attended a program to learn about business and marketing and I was taught to always smile and be in a good mood when I post on social media. I call this bullshit. Truth is, I always only feel attracted by mentors who show themselves as a human being without a fake “good-vibes-only” mask.

However, my main point here is our emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health. Emotions are energies in motion. When they are not moved through the body and released, they get stuck and cause diseases in our body. Personally speaking, I see emotions as an indicator for my soul telling me something important. They guide me into the right direction of my path of soul growth and sound alarm when I am off the road. And for our mental health, I wish for us to create a society where we feel safe in expressing the whole spectrum of our emotions without being shamed, condemned or punished. Especially not by ourselves! So that we can call back in ALL of our parts and feel whole again.

This requires us to know how to process our emotions in a healthy way so that neither we ourselves nor others get hurt.

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