Every single one of these is worth being told. And sometimes, it is buried so deep inside of her that it is necessary to ask her yoni. Yoni is Sanskrit and means “origin” / “source” or “sacred space”. Herewith, I refer to her comprehensive tantric meaning for vulva (labia, clitoris and mons veneris) and vagina (connecting tubular inner organ of cervix and vulva) as well as perineum, womb and ovaries.

I am here to give the yonis of this world a voice. While writing this sentence, I am sensing the invisible net which is weaved between us and connects all women from all over the world. I feel the unheard stories of their yonis. Of their silent pain, their rosy beauty, their frustrating numbness, their infinite wisdom, their deep to the core perceptible wounds and their universal bliss.

There are women on this earth who are tortured and raped as a consequence of war. Whose innate sensuality is brutally violated.

Simultaneously, there are women living on the globe who don’t even know about the existence of their yoni. It is a dark mysterious hole. Completely unexplored.

And then, there are those who discovered the tremendous libidinous potential of their yoni floating within their waves of bliss and enjoying their sexuality. Living their lives in alignment with the wisdom of their feminine organs.


Our omnipresent connectedness allows us women to travel telepathically into all parts of the world and all eras of human existence to feel our ancestors, sisters and previous lives in our womb. All those events and experiences which have caused a separation from our original and natural sensuality and thus, led to our disembodiment.

Born in the late 80s in Germany, I experience this disembodiment particularly as an entire cut-off from our sensual and sexual power as well as an almost exclusive mind-operating lifestyle. Since I began walking my path back home into my body, I sense the numbness and pain in women just by walking by on the street. Mostly it is unconscious. Yet, they know deeply inside that there is more to life as a human being on Planet Earth. A treasure which can only be found by connecting with their heart and the wisdom in their yoni.

It is the birthright of each and every woman to feel her universal life force, her creative energy, in her yoni. To become aware of her wounds, to acknowledge and to heal them. And therewith, to liberate herself. To feel fully alive so that every cell in her body is blissfully vibrating.


Our yoni mirrors our attitude towards life itself. She is the place where new life comes into existence. Thus, she represents our commitment for our own aliveness, for the utilisation of our potential as a human being. If we are committed to really listening to her, she opens her precious treasure of wisdom and tells us a lot about our way of life.


Every woman has her story. And every single one is worth being heard. In my work with women, again and again I feel how important it is to open our hearts and tell each other what is really going on. The invisible net between us is real. When we use it actively as connecting lines, healing occurs and therewith, liberation results. No matter where and at which time we grew up on this planet, we are able to recreate the most intimate thoughts of each other.

Reconnecting with the primal force in our womb enables us to also reconnect with nature. When we perceive ourselves as part of nature, we understand our physical symptoms as a mirroring of what is happening with Mother Earth. The shapes of our bodies reflect the valleys and mountains of our planet. All diseases in their individual manifestation stand for all the wars and trouble spots which we cause to each other.

The anger of the burning heat in our ovaries, the frustrating numbness in our vaginal canals, the crampy menstrual pain – All of this represents each moment in which we don’t speak our truth, numb our body instead of feeling it and deny our sexuality of shame.

These lines are here to awaken to the consciousness that we are all connected and that we no loner can separate ourselves from our sensuality and sexuality if we wish to enjoy a fulfilled life. This applies to every gender.


When we begin to honor and claim our ability to feel and sense, we are guided to our way home into vital health, a fulfilling sexuality and sensual pleasure in our daily activities. Becoming conscious of the sensations in our yoni means to understand that the world around us affects our inner world. Her power leads us to look within and recognize how our mind is capable of distorting our reality because of conditionings, dogmas, judgements and shame.

Let us enter into a dialogue with the holy source out of which every life arises from. Let us hearken to her wisdom and become patient and curious listeners for her messages.

Wanna take part and tell the story of your yoni?
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