My five-hour YONI YOGA WORKSHOP offers a space for women to discover their original feminine essence and experience their unique sensuality through cosmic oriental dance, deep breathing & mindfulness practices, heart and Yoni connecting meditations as well as tantric Yoga and Taoist practices.

Yoni is the sacred Sanskrit word for vagina and means “source” and “sacred space”.

When a woman comes home to herself and rediscovers the art of bringing the Seen and the Unseen together into manifestation, she starts living life as an embodied human being. She feels that she is a part of nature and can merge with her, Gaia.

In wild aliveness. In stillness. In softness.

In my YONI YOGA WORKSHOP I invite the women to dive deeply into their mystical essence. Let themselves being guided by their Yoni – the sacred space within their womb. She is the beginning and everything else follows.

Step by step, they slowly regain access to their innate wisdom and animal nature which cannot wait to be expressed. They move along with their unique sensuality without limitations. Totally free.


The women allow their shame, personal, ancestral and collective pain, competitive behavior, self-sabotage, lack thinking as well as their feelings of isolation and separation from source to come up to the surface and release it. They are then able to feel the interconnectedness between all women worldwide, the universe and the earth.

Being connected with her Yoni helps a woman to regain her inner knowing why she is here on Earth. She is able to experience a feeling of oneness and being home in her soft as well as fierce femininity.

Let me know if you want me to host a YONI YOGA WORKSHOP in your studio or center! You can contact me via e-mail at or use the contact form.

Sabrina Abhai Joti