Storytelling time

With light backpack and a free heart I travel the world and meet inspiring people. This is a place where I share their message and my memories. I wish you plenty of fun while reading!


KAREN from Germany

Leaving her old life behind Karen starts out to India in order to make a further big step towards her self-liberation!

 With the first rays of the spring sun sparkling so beautifully on the surface of the Spree she tells her story about past hurts…



FELIZITAS from Germany

Yet after school she started out to the big wide world.

Today she has so much to share. Especially the connection to the feminity she loves to deepen with other women…




SANIKA from India

A ride in the midst of the orient.

A narrow street led us to an about 700 years old temple.

Sanika begins to tell….



ISHA from India

…We were even not allowed to look into each other´s eyes….

Her overall radiating calmness was a huge motivation for me.

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