A healthy womb fertilizes the seed that grows the future you.

Understanding womb wisdom has been a secret path, followed in the shadows for thousands of years.

A woman’s womb and her sexuality are the most suppressed, condemned, violated and shamed spaces throughout the past millennia of human history – simply because they are so powerful.

The wisdom ways that taught us the magic and power of the womb died out… or rather, they went underground… to be shared secretly. Passed from woman to woman in the shadows for thousands of years.

A sexually sovereign woman has clear boundaries, is connected to her intuitive wisdom, radiates in vital health, owns her pleasure and lives in embodied co-creation with Mother Earth. Do you know anyone like that? Honestly, there are not too many of us around.


As women, we store multiple generations of ancestral experiences in our womb. 

Our wombs today are talked about as a medical term, a uterus, and the connected parts, but once upon a time – this was viewed as one organ and the most powerful one. Until the teachers were silenced and the lineage fell dark. 

Much of what women struggle with in modern times comes directly back to womb health:

  • numbness
  • heavy menstrual cramps
  • hormonal imbalance & infertility
  • emotional heaviness or depression
  • feelings of shame & guilt
  • ungroundedness & indecisiveness
  • weak boundaries
  • fear of being too much
  • not feeling good enough & lack of self-worth
  • feeling cut-off from your intuition & ability of discernment
  • disconnection from feeling clear on your purpose
  • disconnection from feeling and being able to express your truth


In this shamanic WOMB CLEANSING CEREMONY I will be sensitively guiding you to release any blockages, memories and other harming imprints from your womb space that no longer serve you and you are ready to let go of. We will be working in the ancestral, societal and personal realm of your womb story.

2hr RECLAIM WOMAN Session – 222 €

A beautiful vivid description of a client:

Katrina Bauersachs, Midwife, Germany

“The ritual on Saturday gave me so much strength that I can still draw from it. I had so many images in my head, was so open for the vibrations of the world.

At first I didn’t know what my uterus felt like, even though I work with this organ so often. I only knew it in the context of pain when I have my bleeding, but otherwise we were sort of contactless. And suddenly during the ceremony I felt like I was about to be sick, like a flood was spreading through my whole body, it felt green and organic, like vines and leaves.
It was like hearing the voice of the Earth itself, a plethora of impressions that were entirely new to me, but clearly coming from me. And when I looked inside, it was like an overgrown temple, cramped and slimy and full of growths. I felt like I had to cut through everything blocking the space to even see where I was.

Meanwhile, I felt my own pain, my own disappointments, sexual pain experiences, and heartbreak. Then I came to a layer that felt like the bark of a tree and when I scraped it off it hurt and bled, but underneath was fresh, healthy, new life and I wanted to discover it.

I felt my mother’s fears and hurts, her horror of losing control of the pregnancy and under birth, her fear of death. And then again her unrestrained, deep love. And the deepest layer, behind this bark was like fresh grave earth. I could scoop it out of me with both hands and hear the stories of my ancestors, their suffering, their sorrow.

I scooped until there was no more earth and found myself in my womb, which was warm and dark red and inviting. I filled it with a liquid, like starlight, bright and strong and full of desires, powers and gifts.

And this feeling of having space, of being full of brightness and power, of having a welcoming place inside me, a container for everything that wants to come into the world and into life, was the realization I had been seeking all along. The realization that I am not cursed to relive the traumas of my female ancestors, but that I am allowed to let them go and give them back.

That I don’t carry all the fears and impressions that settle over me like memories because I will experience them, these are not visions of the future but memories.

I have already let go of so many of them and may do so with the rest. For the first time I feel that I do not exist to suffer and endure suffering. That is not my job. I am allowed to give the suffering back to the Earth so that I and my children and their children are free for new experiences and adventures.

I came to the ceremony with an open heart but no expectations and left so richly blessed. It is great.

I am so grateful to you, Sabrina.”
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