… From a deep inner place you know there is more in you than you are expressing in your life. You feel an invisible itch that is leaving your day-to-day unsatisfying like something that is brewing within, but can’t come out.

… You feel a pull from your body, more precisely from the area of your womb. Like a familiar force wanting to come alive and live through you. Your brain can’t put it all together but your body feels like it could cry in a release.

… You are fed up with your patterns of self-sabotage and other distractions – those little pockets of life that drain you again and again that you see yourself do, but are unable to change.

… A part of you has always been drawn to the mystical worlds and magical realms. You always have your attention on something more obscure than your friends do, and you are ready for a deep dive into the non-rational to find your answers.

… You want to love. You long for beyond-the-moon intimacy and feel a magnetism towards a deeper exploration of your sexuality. You intuitively sense that your creative powers are rooted in your eros.

… You are here for MORE.

The WISDOM ORGANICA mentorship consists of personal in-depth 1:1 guidance as well as of transformational group support.


You receive:

• 2 ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS per month (6 in total) for deeply honing in on the question what keeps you from embodying the woman you inherently are and accessing the full potential of your wisdom and gifts by shedding the layers through holistic trauma release and shadow work
• 3 UNIQUE GROUP SESSIONS per month (9 in total) which will also be available as a recording (the dates will be coordinated in the group so that potentially everyone can make it) + ongoing support via Telegram

The 1.5-hr live group sessions:

FLESH & BONES is a deep tissue massage and de-armouring session of your breasts, womb, vulva, perineum and vagina. You will learn how to release stuck energies, traumatic imprints and emotions from your tissues through self-touch. These practices will serve you for the rest of your life and bring your uterus into her physical center which is the foundation of your overall health. (*Note: You cannot participate in these practices when you have an IUD!)

THE WITNESSING is a hot-seat-mentoring session in organic feminine truth that serves the synchronistic healing of the group by being the witness as well as by being witnessed in a circle of like-hearted women. You will directly learn from me how I mentor and activate the self-healing ability of my clients.

COSMIC CERVIX is a an energetic sex magic journey that includes emotional release and sensual embodiment practices plugging you right into the organic womb grid with an ensuing connection and sharing circle.

SPECIAL GOODIE: Workshop about the G-spot and female ejaculation by Amina Petra in April

Can you envision yourself living your life from your inner well of wisdom?

… You actually follow through with where your life force takes you to. You look forward to waking up the next morning and passionately getting your hands on your creations you are here to bring into the world.

… You are deeply anchored, rooted and home in the warmth and security of your feminine center – that is your womb which makes you feel confident and grounded in the essence of your wisdom.

… You can clearly see and feel your next chapter. You know exactly where you are going with your life. Because you have remembered who you are.

… You experience a new level of intimacy which feels raw, tender and magical. In your orgasm you feel an aliveness in your cells that vibrates. Your skin glows.

… You go out into nature and feel your deep interconnectedness with Mother Earth. You sense the wind on your skin and the sun on your face different than ever before.

… You feel strong and empowered to deal with any circumstances and conquer any obstacles in you life by speaking up for your truth and knowing your boundaries. You see life as an adventure again.

… You believe in your abilities without a shadow of a doubt.

… You care for your physical body in a loving and nourishing way.

… You are at peace with the mundane as well as with the extraordinary.

PRICE: € 1440

(Payment plans can be evaluated for certain extenuating circumstances.)


How many women will participate in the group?

I want this to be an intimate container of max. 4 to 6 women.

Will it take up a lot of time? I’m afraid of being overwhelmed with other things going on in my life simultaneously.

First of all, this mentorship is a commitment to and an investment in yourself. Secondly, our daily life is our greatest teacher. You get to apply how to live your life from your inner wisdom directly to the circumstances and occurrences happening in your life. This mentorship is your support to navigate anything you are experiencing. Thirdly, as it is a small group we will coordinate the timings for the group sessions together and if you cannot make it to a session for whatever reason, there will also be a recording available.

Will this mentorship give me enough individual support?

Absolutely yes. You will have 2 one-on-one sessions per month with me (6 in total over 3 months). In these sessions we will look deeply into what keeps you from being the woman you inherently are. We will look at the root cause of your patterns, behaviours and beliefs and transform them through trauma release, sexual healing, inner child and shadow work. You will be held holistically on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual level. The time in between your sessions is for your integration. You are welcome to send me any questions via e-mail at any time. There will also be life-changing homework for you.

What if I’m not ready to go so deep into my womb and sexuality?

Every woman goes in her own pace. You decide what you are ready for and what you are not ready for. I am here to work closely with you and to go step by step. There’s no rush. There’s no such thing as a goal.

Where is the group hosted?

On Telegram. (WhatsApp is also a possibility if it’s a better fit for the majority.)

What if I am stressed out?

This type of work regulates your nervous system and grounds you into your body. Especially, the group session FLESH & BONES is perfect medicine for this. Furthermore, as soon as you start connecting to what is really true for your in your life, you will make healthier and more loving choices for yourself. The whole mentorship is aimed at strenghtening the capacity of your nervous system to hold yourself. Your nervous system is the base of your emotional maturity and spiritual growth.

How does the application process work?

You will have a 15min application call with me to see and feel into if this mentorship is the right thing for you. When you schedule your call, you will be asked to answer some questions in written form beforehand which will already give me a deeper understanding and picture of you.


Hannah Bourke, Artist, California

“Sabrina walked me through deep ancestral healing on the quantum level. My womb held energetic hooks and barbs from my own traumas and that of my ancestors, It was one of the most profound healing experiences of my life to release them, and my womb recovered with all the love I began to send it. I hadn’t even realized how much my womb held. I’d been so disconnected from my body, and my womb and yoni most of all. I am learning to listen to my body and love her back to her divine essence.

Sabrina’s intuition, fierce strength, and the most tender heart are a recipe for alchemical magic. If you have been guided to her, trust that. I am so grateful I did.”

Katrina Bauersachs, Midwife, Germany

“For years I walked the hallways of my own mind, tugging at a door I couldn’t open until I had almost forgotten it was even there. I would have never thought to look for someone like Sabrina on my own. I thought myself far too rational, for any sort of spiritual awakening or self-exploration. I suppressed my own darkness, my anger, my shame, my fear and I thought this was good and right, because these emotions have no place in society, have no place in an educated female mind. I always prided myself on being such a well-controlled person. With a level head on my shoulders and my feet planted firmly on the ground I walked on. It was hard to come to terms with the fact that my control was full of cracks and what I considered rationality was in fact bitterness and self-loathing. The more I tried to cage the animal inside, the crazier it made me. 

When I told a friend about what I was experiencing, she recommended I get in touch with Sabrina. When I saw her website and read about her work it resonated with me on a level I hadn’t explored since early childhood. It resonated with my intuition. And beyond what my rational mind told me, beyond what I thought was smart or logical or societally expected of me, I chose to trust that intuition, to trust Sabrina. And she has cherished that trust ever since. 

She helped me open the door I had thought permanently closed and for the first time in my life I experienced shameless release in opening up as far as the furthest reaches of my heart and soul let me. I dared to imagine I could be myself and be whole and be healed and be wild and be so many things. And the more I imagined, the more I trusted. And the more I trusted, the more I practiced. And the more I practiced the more I could feel and thusly claim my birth right. Sabrina has given a voice to all that was voiceless within me, she has given me the medicine to heal my own mind and body. She has given me the gift of fully inhabiting myself for the first time since I was a child. But most of all she has done this with infinite tenderness and love. I am so grateful to have received this gift. “

Ida Ortlieb, Social Worker, Germany

“I got in touch with Sabrina when I was going through the biggest crisis in my life. Now I know it was the biggest gift I ever got. But by that time I was desperate. On the one hand, I felt so alive again and knew exactly what I needed, but on the other hand, there was also a lot of destructive energy and I couldnˋt trust myself. The world around me told me I needed help, but nothing the system could offer really helped to release the pain. I tried to do it my own way and heal myself, but without guidance I had lost myself again and again. Here I met Sabrina.

She gave me the guidance I needed. She awakened my self-healing powers by showing me how to really love myself. Sabrina took my hand and guided me on this path to self-confidence and love. Step by step. I learned to really take time for myself, enjoy myself, dance alone, touch myself, talk to my inner child and dream again. With her intuitive senses , Sabrina always found a way to highlight what needed to be seen and helped me to connect with my inner self, my wisdom. With Sabrina’s guidance, I was able to speak my truth and make changes that were overdue. After my sessions, I felt released and so clarified.

It is hard to express my gratitudeIt is hard to express my gratitude for what Sabrina gave me with her work. My life changed in such a positive way. Thank you, Sabrina, for your support, your self-confidence, your energy and heart.”

Six Rigby-Rouge, Therapeutic Counsellor, UK

“I feel like a different woman. Though what I really mean is I’ve become more of my true self, more embodied.

Sabrina is an exceptional teacher, her passion for the topics covered and her nurturing yet empowering approach was beautifully delivered as she weaved her web of unconditional love and healing around us all. From day 1, she assured us that “all of you is welcome here” and this permission allowed us to really get into our bodies as well as healing many other wounds by creating a safe space for us to be real, vulnerable, and raw with emotions, and fully witness one another, honouring each woman’s process.

Working with Sabrina has allowed me to heal and reclaim my inner child, who I now check in with every day because of the reconnection I have gained with ‘little Sarah’, which is part of a daily routine now.

That we can alchemise and transmute energies to heal ourselves is sometthing which I knew before but on a more intellectual level, whereas now I know it in my heart and feel it on a visceral level, thanks to the new level of embodiment I have; which after years of numbing and trying not to feel, is a new experience for me.

I value the breadth and depth of knowledge Sabrina has to share, which she has learnt from many different parts of the world, and I feel this added a deeper layer to the western left-brain teaching I had experienced up to this point. I gained a more holistic picture of the human experience and the psyche, as this really feels like the key to unlocking the trauma we hold in our tissues, and of connecting with our true essence.

I’m also grateful for all the empowerment tools for harnessing our creative sexual energies. Now I’m ready to shine!”

Stella Mahler, Writer, Portugal

“After sensing that Sabrina’s soft and gentle way matches the energy of my sensitive heart in one of her yoni yoga workshops, I signed up for her healing journey. Whatever happened in these 3 months, it happened deep down. In my heart. In my soul. In my womb space. And in my mind, as well.

I got in touch with my inner child and learnt to listen and take care of her. I discovered the colour of my soul and got closer to the why. Why am I here on this earth, in this life? I ended my relationship and became aware of the co-dependent patterns it was built on. I learnt that all the love I long for is inside of myself. That all the security I asked from my partner is provided by Mother Earth. That I am safe with myself and in my body.

Also I reconnected to my body. I danced and I still dance. I still connect to my yoni each day. It is my safe place now. And there was a loooot of trauma stored in it before, I can tell you. But with the work that operated on so many levels, I started to release the trauma. And thus, to connect to my inner truth and wisdom again.

After 7 years ofhorrible period pain I no longer feel pain when I’m bleeding. I surrender, I let go. Also, my libido as well as my creative energy has increased.

To sum it up: Working with Sabrina was life-changing. It brought me back home to myself. It brought me back onto my very own path. I felt so loved and held and seen by Sabrina.

Honestly, I cried at the end of our last session. However you want to call what happened in this space that she held for me: It touched my heart and so did she as a person. And thanks to Sabrina, I know that I can trust my intuition now!”

Charlotte Rosanna, Horse Assisted Coach, Portugal

“It’s a joy to work with Sabrina. She’s down-to-earth and to the point without any spiritual bypassing. She’s true to her heart, to her teachings, very connected with herself, Mother Earth and with what life is about. Working with her brought me a lot of insights about my life and current situation. I knew a lot already. I KNEW it, but Sabrina transmits her wisdom in a such a powerful way that I felt it in every single cell of my body. I FELT it as a bodily remembrance instead of just knowing it. Her transmissions are truthful, her intuition is strong.

Besides that, she has such a gentle, warming and welcoming personality that it’s absolutely lovely to work with her and be held in her beautiful space. Thank you so much, Sabrina.”

Amina Abdeljawad, Artist & Pleasure Activist, Sweden

“Sabrina meets you with a beautiful grounded energy and holds a very magical space for you to go on your journey of empowerment through healing. During my time with Sabrina, I felt heard, safe and seen. She uses all of her wisdom about the body and ancestral trauma, and her vast experiences from her own healing journey in total dedication to what I needed in every moment. I totally trust her work and can highly recommend it to anyone who seeks healing and understanding of deeply rooted wounds and all their different layers and effects in our body and psyche.”

Julia Schano, Aoga Teacher & Coach, Austria

“Thank you, Sabrina, for your profound healing work – it was an exciting adventure into womanhood! I discovered new layers of already known traumas – that then could start to heal on a deeper level – and also discovered some “blind spots”. So much wisdom that is stored in me, I am already curious to discover more and more of my inner truth… Thank you for leading me into these spaces. I always felt safe, well held and seen.

I appreciated that you were not just sharing your vast knowledge and experience with us in theory, but that you were also leading us into all these vulnerable places through all kinds of practices where we welcomed everything in that was showing up. I am grateful that our paths have crossed – Thank you for being in service with such a dedication and an open heart.”

Ashley Ritter, Texas

“Before working with Sabrina, I was so lost. Lost within myself. Lost in life. So ungrounded I felt as though I was knee deep in mud. The more I tried to get out, the worse it got.

While working with Sabrina, I learned more about myself and discovered the wild woman within me waiting to emerge. This woman is fierce in her love, unapologetically sensitive, confident, grounded and at home within her body. I am her and she has always been me. I not only found myself, but reconnected with my Yoni. A magical part of myself that was numb for so long. Now I feel her and she is so powerful.

Sabrina opened a window in my life that allowed the sun to shine and breeze to blow. She brought me back home to myself. I am forever grateful for our time together and will never forget what she gave me.”

Cosima Bachler, Project Founder, Austria

“I participated in Sabrina’s 8-part Embodied Feminine Healing Training Course and absolutely loved it! The way Sabrina curated the content was so versatile and abundant. Each week, she was so well prepared, so enthusiastic and most of all she was always authentic, strong and beautiful in her sharings. I felt she is very confident in what she teaches and speaks from a deep understanding and much experience. I can whole-heartedly recommend Sabrina’s work to anyone interested in accessing a deeper understanding of themselves and their unconscious inner processes. I was able to reclaim my inner warrior and leadership role in a fully embodied way. A beautiful soul sharing valuable work! Thank you, Sabrina.”

Vanessa Scheffer, Sales Support Manager, Germany

“Sabrina came into my life at exactly the right time, when I felt most disoriented. In the first two conversations I immediately felt very comfortable, understood and held. I could feel that she has so much sense of what I need and when.

For five months now, Sabrina witnesses me on my path to myself as part of her mentorship “A Womans Way Home”. This program is very lovingly and holistically designed and sensibly structured. She explains everything very clearly and leaves no questions unanswered. I find Sabrina especially in our sessions on the one hand very grounded, which gives me a safe space, and on the other hand I find her energy so inspiring and motivating.

The practices around womb cleansing and rebuilding the relationship with my Yoni, but also inner child work and ancestral work have moved a lot in me that has been stagnant for a long time. My energy is coming back into flow and I am miles closer to myself and my self-love than I was a year ago. Meeting Sabrina has changed my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Jing Zhang, Akashic Record Reader & Podcaster, China

“Sabrina supported me greatly on my journey of descending into my womb and embodying the wild feminine. She is so committed to her truth and purpose which is very inspiring. I am deeply grateful to learn from her and share those intimate, vulnerable and nourishing moments with her. I would highly recommend to book a session with her and join her course if you are ready for a wild ride and deep journey.”

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