Experiencing, feeling, healing –

We are the earth.

We take you out, to smell the fresh digged earth,

to hear the melody of the leaves in the forest,

to drum your heart into a rhythm that allows you to hear,

see, feel and sense the magic and sacredness

of just being – natural and wild.

Our shares come from years of experiencing

how to nourish our bodies with food or without,

to reconnect with our sensual nature, as women and as humans.

To use sacred earth medicine to heal our wounds and

to become one again with Mother Nature.

Wild Gaia is our offer to share what we’ve learned

on the way and to commune with you in sacred wildness.

Sabrina Abhai Joti

∼ Workshops / women wisdom / texts ∼

Through her absolutely transforming methods to live and reintegrate the feminine power back into our bodies and souls she teaches experiences of deep connection with womanhood.

After a long period of  “feeling seperated” she found her home in Kundalini-Yoga. Through this new way all doors opened into her true strengh.

From Berlin to India to Thailand and so on, she is collecting women wisdom all over the planet to unify this precious treasure into Wild Gaia.


~ Webdesign / awakening inner healing wisdom  ~

Healing and letting go are her issues through all her life. Through a big emphaty and high sensitiveness she has a special way to see people. She is communing and activating through own experiences the treasure of inner healing wisdom.

Through soft energywork, food and plant medicine, positive psychology, crystals and tarot she offers a concept that embraces the whole being.

Her passion is contact juggling. While juggling she connects with her body and activates all her senses and finds a way to her true authentic self.

She gives Wild Gaia the design and is shining her light together with her daughter to her home in Germany.


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