Deep inside you know that you came here for nothing less than living your life from a place of creative turn-on, sensual bliss and vibrant sexual aliveness.


The time has come to reclaim your sexual nature as a woman and to fully embody the goddess you inherently are in all of your radiance, grace and power. Your sexual energy is your creative life force energy that is locked in your pelvis and runs through your whole body when you experience states of ecstasy. The ecstasy of being alive.

It’s the energy that lands souls on Earth. It’s the energy that creates life.

You are ready now to shed the layers of your conditioning, your numbness and pain that keep you from being connected to the wisdom in your womb and the vital power of your vagina. You are ready to liberate your wildness, reclaim your sexuality and come back home to truly feeling yourself from the inside out.

The word YONI is Sanskrit and means origin, source or sacred space. She stands for all of your female genitalia in your pelvis: your vulva, vagina, perineum, cervix, womb and ovaries. YONIVERSE is the combination of the words YONI and UNIVERSE because through your yoni you are able to connect directly to your Higher Self and Source.

Your yoni is a mutidimensional gateway that brings Spirit into matter.

Your relationship with her mirrors your attitude towards life itself. She represents your commitment for your aliveness and the utilisation of your potential as a human being. When you begin to claim and honor your ability to sense and feel through your yoni, you are guided to your way home into vital health, a fulfilling sexuality as well as sensual pleasure in your daily activities and above all, into feeling your truth.

Your inner goddess lives in your yoni and just waits for you to be awakened with all of her orgasmic potential, magnetism and wisdom that merges the Cosmos and the Earth through which you realise yourself as the creatrix of your own reality.


Imagine you would shed the layers of your numbness, pain and disconnection and liberate yourself from all of your conditioning so that you are able to feel who you truly are with all of what you are here to bring into the world by regaining access to your life force energy locked in your yoni.

Imagine you would no longer find yourself exclusively operating from your analytical mind, but also live from your body’s intelligence, the sacredness of your menstrual blood and womb’s wisdom that is ancient and directly connected to the rhythms of nature.

Imagine you would know how to tap into your sensual aliveness and innate erotic nature to awaken to your full potential of pleasure, confidently embody your inner goddess and experience true intimacy with yourself as well as with others.

Imagine you would build a love relationship with your yoni and utilise your sexual energy as medicine for healing as well as for channeling it into your artwork, relationships, business and projects to birth your creations into the world.


I created the TEMPLE OF THE YONIVERSE as a container that allows you to release your conditioning and traumas as well as to build this strong and loving relationship with your womb space step by step by journeying on the path of the feminine mysticism.

This journey is an in-depth mentorship guidance and works holistically on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual as well as energetic level.

  • 10 transformational workshops in total: 2 group-calls per month (every 2nd and 4th Sunday from 6 – 8pm London Time via Zoom, a recording will be available)
  • weekly life-changing exercises, journal prompts and rituals connecting to your body, yoni, heart and soul that inspire, challenge and nourish you
  • access to a private facebook support group with like-minded powerful and inspiring women from all across the globe who are on the same path as you are and where you can ask questions, share your insights as well as exchange your experiences with your sisters
  • OPTIONAL: additional individual 1:1 sessions (1 or 2 sessions each month depending on the price point you choose)



As an Intuitive Healer, Yoni Mystic and Mentor, Sabrina helps women from all over the world remember who they are. Women who consult her are here to reclaim their intuitive gifts and magic to step into their divine purpose on Earth by releasing trauma and blockages in their womb space, dearmouring their heart, connecting to their body temple, building a love relationship with their yoni and embodying their inner goddess by igniting their creative sexual life force energy.



Together we are opening our transformational healing space to weave a web of love and support between our wombs for this mentorship journey. I will guide you through an initial shamanic journey to the Womb of the Earth. Mother Earth calls you to root deeply down into her core to set a firm and stable foundation for everything that’s about to follow on your path. Comprehending yourself as a daughter of this Earth and reclaiming your birthright to belong here is the prerequisite for truly connecting to the power of your womb space. Subsequently, you will activate the 8 energy centers in your Yoni through a sound pilgrimage which all together will have a deeply grounding, nourishing and eros igniting effect.


Your inner little girl lives in your heart. She is still alive within you and wants to be seen, heard and felt. Before you will enter your YONIVERSE, I will take you on a deep healing journey to make peace with the corners of your heart that experienced any kind of love suffering. To connect to your sexual power, your inner little girl needs to feel safe. Her innocence, playfulness, joy and curiosity for life are an essential part of your wholeness.


We are entering our sacred space and dive into a big cleanse. In order to unlock your creative life force energy in your womb space, you need to clear out all the stored trauma which can show up as numbness, pain, heavy menstrual cramps, hormonal imbalance, feelings of shame, guilt and disconnection. Examples for trauma that can be stored in your womb are ancestral wounds, traumatic birth, miscarriage, abortion, sexual abuse, shame and guilt from patriarchal conditioning, childhood wounds as well as experiences with your past lovers. After the cleansing you will open your channel to merge with the Cosmic Womb of Creation and let your womb being filled with the universal love energy connecting you to your Higher Self and Source. This ritual is a key element on your journey.


Your breasts are the gateway to your heart. When they are opened with love, your yoni feels safe to open, as well. In this ritual, you will be guided through a delicious breast massage that will open your heart in a sensual way and thereby, activate your yoni gently knocking on her portal door. By massaging your breasts you will release suppressed emotions and toxins, improve the circulation of your life force energy, balance your hormones, connect to your own motherly nourishing energy and enhance your libido. We will ring our “bells of love” as the Taoist say!


The time has come to enter our mesmerizing yoni temple and be initiated into the sacred practices. Through deep breathing, sensual yoga movements as well as pelvic floor and inner vaginal exercises you will have a real physical experience of feeling your yoni from the inside out. All these practices help you to relax as well as to strengthen your muscles and improve the blood circulation in your pelvis for more lubrication, orgasmic pleasure, reduced menstrual pain and prevention from uterus prolapse. Furthermore, you will connect to your inner goddess in your yoni and ignite your creativity and sexual fire.


We will go deeper. I will guide you through a devotional and explorative journey massaging your vulva, inner vaginal canal and cervix. This is also a de-armouring process to release numbness and pain from your sacred space.


Our orgasmic potential is infinite because our sexual energy is! An orgasm can be a full body experience even without touching your genitals at all. All the way up through your energy centers, you will breathe yourself into an altered state of consciousness. Be prepared for a deep release and blissful experience!


It’s time to go on an erotic adventure and turn up the volume of your liquid pleasure! I will guide you through an erotic dance and self-pleasure journey that awakens your unique sensual and sexual expression of your inner goddess. Self-pleasure includes breathing, touching, moving and sounding that allows you to connect to your sexual energy and bring you to a deep place inside of yourself feeling your truth. Let the Universe make love through you!


Finally, you will utilise your cultivated sexual energy to tap into the quantum field. You will use an orgasm – which is a moment of connection to the Divine – to mindfully direct your sexual energy into what your heart truly desires. The veil will be lifted as you allow for the Universe to merge with the Earth.


In your reclaimed sexual aliveness, grounded in your body, centered in your heart and in touch with your intuition, you will fully embody your inner goddess in all of your glory and grace to shine from your soul’s essence in remembrance of the powerful woman you inherently are. This will be a celebration!



The mentorship starts on April 1st and ends on August 31st. The weekly tasks will be released each Monday and build upon each other. They help you to prepare for the group journeys and integrate your healing experiences as well as incorporate the knowledge you gain into the embodiment of your daily life.

You will be invited to purchase a yoni egg for the sacred practices and a crystal wand for de-armouring, but it is not an absolute requirement. Everything in this mentorship is possible without any additional tools.

IMPORTANT: The mentorship journey is not for you when you are pregnant. Pregnant women want to channel their life force energy into growing their baby. It is also not for you when you have severe sexual trauma that you’ve never received any kind of therapy for.

I’ll be there to hold space for your healing and witness you in reclaiming your wild feminine power and truth. If you are not sure if this journey is the next step for you, please book a call with me HERE so that we can see if it’s the right place for you.

If you decide to book 1 or 2 additional 1:1 sessions per month with me, we will work closely on your personal relationship with your body, yoni, heart and purpose through inner child work, yoni healing, energetic alignment, trauma release and emotional clearing.


You have 3 options to enter the TEMPLE OF THE YONIVERSE:

The prices will go up after March 25th.

If you genuinely feel the calling to take the next leap in your life and your yoni is a full YES to this mentorship, I would love to invite you for a free discovery call with me to talk about your participation HERE.



Hannah Bourke, Artist, California

“Sabrina is a master and so devoted to helping the feminine reconnect to their inner essence, the Goddess within.

She walked me through deep ancestral healing on the quantum level. My womb held energetic hooks and barbs from my own traumas and that of my ancestors, It was one of the most profound healing experiences of my life to release them, and my womb recovered with all the love I began to send it. I hadn’t even realized how much my womb held. I’d been so disconnected from my body, and my womb and yoni most of all. I am learning to listen to my body and love her back to her divine essence.

Sabrina’s intuition, fierce strength, and the most tender heart are a recipe for alchemical magic. If you have been guided to her, trust that. I am so grateful I did.”

Rona Größler, CEO of the Women’s Health Center in Wiesbaden, Germany

“Sabrina has a wonderful, even a magically authentic nature. With her precious wisdom and competence she enables us women to remember our own treasure of wisdom within ourselves. With her, sensing ourselves becomes possible again.

Getting in contact with my Yoni, feeling and enlivening her generated a very special energy which truly impressed me. It brought me deeply in touch with myself. It moved me. With your help the buried wisdom of an implicit truth about my femininity became disclosed. It flared up within me.

Let us women continue partaking in your work and removing layer after layer of our debris to reveal what wants to be born: The beauty and power of the feminine. I thank
her deeply.”

Stella Mahler, Writer, Portugal

“After sensing that Sabrina’s soft and gentle way matches the energy of my sensitive heart in one of her yoni yoga workshops, I signed up for her healing journey. Whatever happened in these 3 months, it happened deep down. In my heart. In my soul. In my womb space. And in my mind, as well.

I got in touch with my inner child and learnt to listen and take care of her. I discovered the colour of my soul and got closer to the why. Why am I here on this earth, in this life? I ended my relationship and became aware of the co-dependent patterns it was built on. I learnt that all the love I long for is inside of myself. That all the security I asked from my partner is provided by Mother Earth. That I am safe with myself and in my body.

Also I reconnected to my body. I danced and I still dance. I still connect to my yoni each day. It is my safe place now. And there was a loooot of trauma stored in it before, I can tell you. But with the work that operated on so many levels, I started to release the trauma. And thus, to connect to my inner truth and wisdom again.

After 7 years ofhorrible period pain I no longer feel pain when I’m bleeding. I surrender, I let go. Also, my libido as well as my creative energy has increased.

To sum it up: Working with Sabrina was life-changing. It brought me back home to myself. It brought me back onto my very own path. I felt so loved and held and seen by Sabrina.

Honestly, I cried at the end of our last session. However you want to call what happened in this space that she held for me: It touched my heart and so did she as a person. And thanks to Sabrina, I know that I can trust my intuition now!”

Agnieszka Poznanska, Life & Business Coach, Portugal

“I felt very safe with Sabrina, she has that beautiful soft and strong feminine presence. She holds space naturally, I felt completely supported as well as encouraged to go deeper feeling fully capable to face whatever is present. As a healer, Sabrina has great knowledge about female sexuality and empowerment. I worked with her on healing my generational traumas and making space for new life, my future baby. I am very grateful and full-heartedly recommend working with her to tap into your feminine power, potential and sexual energy. Fully engaged and embodied in her practices, she is a trustworthy companion on that journey.”

Dr. Elena Lieber, General Practicioner, Germany

“Lovely, beautiful, wise & gorgeous Sabrina brought me back what I had lost: my femininity with all its presents. I feel like a goddess with a superpower: my beautiful yoni. All the answers are in me. This is very good news, isn’t it? I am centered and allow myself to go with the flow and celebrate my womanhood. I am so proud to be a woman right now, I feel blessed.

All that Sabrina shared with me and taught me she did with such a kindness. Always individually matching to my current situation & issues.

Thank you so much for your guidance & inspiration.
Lots of love. namasté.”

Heike Härtel, M. A. & Yoga Teacher, Germany

“Gratitude and a deep soul connection – this is what I feel when I think of you, dear Sabrina. I am so thankful that the universe guided me to meet you. When I saw you the first time, I knew I had to work with you. Not knowing what was there about to come, but sensing that there was something extremely profound to it. I am grateful for every minute I had with you – no matter whether in your workshops or especially in our 1:1 private sessions.

Your intution is incredible. You always knew what I needed in that particular moment in time without talking about it beforehand. Thank you for your work, thank you for your wisdom that I was allowed to receive – about my Yoni, Shamanism, about you and the way of life you are living – it has enriched me greatly!”

Beata Hadaś, Manager, Poland

“After I had started connecting with my Yoni guided by Sabrina, I had sex with my husband and for the first time in my life I experienced an orgasm with a man. It was an amazing experience! Very beautiful.

I’ve also noticed how my feelings towards my husband have changed. I’ve already loved him with all of my heart, but now it’s even more intense. It feels like as if my heart has opened up for him in a way that I can now love him with all that I am.

My body reacts more sensitively when he touches me. My senses are intensified for his touch. When I caress his skin, I feel more energy running through my cells as well as I am more attracted to him. Generally speaking, I am much more open now.”

Bionda Rocheleau, Entrepreneur, Canada

“Sabrina is truly in her dharma. She embodies the goddess and emits such quantum codes. The one day we had a short video session, I was feeling extremely disconnected, as per usual, but even more on that day with fatigue, stress and coffee. Just by looking at her and listening to her I could already feel closer to home within myself.

She guided me through a quick meditation and it felt like a breakthrough. Ever since that day I made it my objective to connect to my yoni daily.

In a few weeks I changed my life around, attracted many blessings, made decisions, took actions about certain things that I feared so much before. I am so happy and feel very empowered. I want to dive deeper into myself, get to know me better, my powers, and attune even more to this beautiful and powerful feminine energy.”

Anke Braun, Herbalist & Artist, Germany

“Sabrina`s coaching is based on love and empowerment. I have been on my own spiritual path for many years, but Sabrina was able to show me something game-changing. With her deep rooted and soft feminine energy she brought me from a place of searching in the outside to finding my „guru“ within. To really connecting with my own inner wisdom and living from this place. I was able to apply her tools and teachings to my own journey over and over again.

Each session with Sabrina feels like coming home to myself. With a great mix of skills, inspired visions and intuition she always leads me to a new perspective on my current situation and helps me to break free from „impassable rocks and borders“.

Her workshops are a deeply unique experience. She creates a safe container for all attendees and leads us women into our own connection to our yoni – our womb – and with that, to a completely new way of feeling ourselves.

Sabrina is a heart-led goddess of a woman! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Caroline Fearns, Healing Mentor, UK

“Sabrina is a skilled space holder who had me feeling totally relaxed and able to journey deeply into connection with my yoni and energy. It was beautiful to be practicing in a group of sisters and to all be cultivating our feminine energy together. I felt so much energy moving and a warm golden light in my body with my womb telling me I am already everything I desire to be.”

Ashley Ritter, Texas

“Before working with Sabrina, I was so lost. Lost within myself. Lost in life. So
ungrounded I felt as though I was knee deep in mud. The more I tried to get out, the
worse it got.

While working with Sabrina, I learned more about myself and discovered the wild
woman within me waiting to emerge. This woman is fierce in her love,
unapologetically sensitive, confident, grounded and at home within her body. I am
her and she has always been me. I not only found myself, but reconnected with my
Yoni. A magical part of myself that was numb for so long. Now I feel her and she is so

Sabrina opened a window in my life that allowed the sun to shine and breeze to
blow. She brought me back home to myself. I am forever grateful for our time
together and will never forget what she gave me.”

Caro Linelli, Manager, Germany

“Through Sabrina’s work I discovered my femininity in a new way. In my mostly pretty number- and fact-based job the “soft” part of me hasn’t had any space so far and I thought that’s just the way it is.

However, when I began processing my childhood experiences and questioning my limiting beliefs together with Sabrina, my femininity arose. I learnt that it isn’t a contradiction to be analytic and well-considering on the one hand and listening to the voice of my Yoni on the other hand simultaneously. Quite the contrary, it’s absolutely important and makes me feel whole in who I truly am as a woman.

Furthermore, I am glad that my reclaimed wisdom now has a firm place in my life. I am not at the end of my journey, but I feel ready to live my life as an empowered woman. And not only that. I will pass on my wisdom and knowledge to the next generation. I wish for my daughters to live a self-determined life in harmony with and in awareness of their femininity.

I am very grateful for having met Sabrina. She brought so much incredible value into my life.”

Vanessa Scheffer, Sales Support Manager, Germany

“Sabrina came into my life at exactly the right time, when I felt most disoriented. In the first two conversations I immediately felt very comfortable, understood and held. I could feel that she has so much sense of what I need and when.

For five months now, Sabrina witnesses me on my path to myself as part of her mentorship “A Womans Way Home”. This program is very lovingly and holistically designed and sensibly structured. She explains everything very clearly and leaves no questions unanswered. I find Sabrina especially in our sessions on the one hand very grounded, which gives me a safe space, and on the other hand I find her energy so inspiring and motivating.

The practices around womb cleansing and rebuilding the relationship with my Yoni, but also inner child work and ancestral work have moved a lot in me that has been stagnant for a long time. My energy is coming back into flow and I am miles closer to myself and my self-love than I was a year ago. Meeting Sabrina has changed my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


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