This morning it dropped. It took me 8 years now to understand what actually happened in the yoga classes I visited in the winter of 2012 when I freshly moved to Berlin. It was the year when I healed from my burnout, quit with my studies and made my dream of living in Berlin comeContinue reading “THE WHITE DOVE”

10 Daily Practices to Feel Myself I 10 tägliche Praktikten, um mich zu spüren

[DEUTSCHE VERSION UNTEN] Hereby, I give you a little insight into my personal notes. Just a few days ago, it was about to happen again that I felt off balance. Completely. There are special daily practices that I have discovered for myself during the last years which allow me to be comfortable within myself andContinue reading “10 Daily Practices to Feel Myself I 10 tägliche Praktikten, um mich zu spüren”

My Relationship with Ishnaan I Meine Beziehung mit Ishnaan

[DEUTSCHE VERSION UNTEN] I will never forget the early Sunday morning hours during my Kundalini-Yoga-Teacher-Training in winter in 2015/ 2016 in Berlin. Sunday mornings were dedicated to Sadhana time as taught in the Kundalini Yoga tradition by Yogi Bhajan. In the middle of the night my alarm clock went off to wake me up fromContinue reading “My Relationship with Ishnaan I Meine Beziehung mit Ishnaan”

Becoming permeable I Durchlässig werden

[DEUTSCHE VERSION UNTEN] Every day presents some smaller and some bigger challenges for us. Often times I ask myself how we can deal with them in a more gentle way, so that they neither damage our nerves nor our glands and thereby, bring our hormones out of balance. We are highly sensitive beings with veryContinue reading “Becoming permeable I Durchlässig werden”