5 BASELINES No matter if you want to make love with the quantum to manifest a physical desire or reach higher states of consciousness, the actual act of sex magic by its very nature is simple. But how do you get there? What does it take to have such an extent of awareness and bodyContinue reading “PATHWAY TO SEX MAGIC”


These sweet and rich tears of humbleness and beauty for my ancestry are still flowing in waves as I’m integrating this profound ancestral healing ceremony. I’ve always been quite disrooted. Predominantly feeling the pain of my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother in my left knee, left ovary and underneath my left shoulder blade. It hit meContinue reading “THE GIFT OF MY ANCESTRY”


I’m not talking about this often, but I feel it’s important to be addressed as this topic is swept under the carpet far too often and thus, buried deep down in a woman’s psyche and her womb’s tissue causing immense grief and an unbearable feeling of guilt for a whole lifetime. I’m talking about abortion.Continue reading “HEALING ABORTION TRAUMA”


All the womb work is actually about returning to our original state of living and understanding life on Earth in a conscious way. The sacred activities in our womb mirror the rhythms and cycles of nature. Coming back home to this natural state of being means to remember this tangible wisdom that is ancient andContinue reading “A CLEANSED WOMB FOR BIRTH”


Our Earth is one planet of many. The Milky Way which our solar system is part of is one galaxy of many. Our universe is one of many. And who knows what is beyond the infinite. Something our human mind can’t even capture. Your soul can though. And now I want you to travel allContinue reading “HEART OF THE UNIVERSE”


If you were not initiated into womanhood when you experienced your first menstrual bleeding as a young woman, an important rite of passage wasn’t passed on to you. And I know this is the case for most of us, especially in the Western society. For most of us there wasn’t an elder woman taking ourContinue reading “CATCH-UP INITIATION MENSTRUATION RITUAL”


She who is connected to her womb is mighty. Your womb is the umbilical cord to the Earth and simultaneously your antenna to the Universe. We’ve not been taught this. Our mothers have not been taught this. Our teachers at school have not been taught this. It’s time for us to change the paradigm andContinue reading “THE SACRED WOMB”


Our ancestors only want us to free ourselves from the chains that were created in the past and continue walking our path with lightness, grace and joy. These past 5 weeks of intense insomnia were accompanied by the women in my maternal ancestral lineage. When I was 21, all of a sudden, I started havingContinue reading “BRAVE WOMEN & ANCESTRAL WORK”

Women & Depression

Before sitting down and writing this post I was swaying my hips from side to side, shaking my pelvis and thus, connecting with this precious treasure of infinite wisdom and creative potential stored within my womb space. And no, this is not how I used to live my life, let alone embody my creativity. IContinue reading “Women & Depression”