We all know these moments when our creativity is silent and we are called to rest in it because every attempt to forcefully come up with a new idea or a further step in our current project is just a desperate act without any success. Being constantly in active creation mode is still a deepContinue reading “THE FERTILE VOID”

My Relationship with Ishnaan I Meine Beziehung mit Ishnaan

[DEUTSCHE VERSION UNTEN] I will never forget the early Sunday morning hours during my Kundalini-Yoga-Teacher-Training in winter in 2015/ 2016 in Berlin. Sunday mornings were dedicated to Sadhana time as taught in the Kundalini Yoga tradition by Yogi Bhajan. In the middle of the night my alarm clock went off to wake me up fromContinue reading “My Relationship with Ishnaan I Meine Beziehung mit Ishnaan”