Sacred bleeding I Heiliges Bluten

[DEUTSCHE VERSIO UNTEN] At some point, a woman reaches a moment in her life where she can no longer bear her isolation from her own menstrual happening. Periodically or perhaps not periodically, the blood knocks on her door and wants to reveal its magic which lies hidden in her womanhood. If she ignores this knocking,Continue reading “Sacred bleeding I Heiliges Bluten”

Ayurveda: The Menstrual Cycle I Ayurveda: Der Menstruationszyklus

[DEUTSCHE VERSION UNTEN] Dr. Vanditha Nithin Pai on the ayurvedic view of the menstrual cycle: Ayurveda views Rutuchakra (Sanskrit for the ‘menstrual cycle’) as a window to the female body and gives a vivid description about it. As in young or aged plants, flowers and fruits do not come up, as in bud and decayingContinue reading “Ayurveda: The Menstrual Cycle I Ayurveda: Der Menstruationszyklus”