Women & Depression

Before sitting down and writing this post I was swaying my hips from side to side, shaking my pelvis and thus, connecting with this precious treasure of infinite wisdom and creative potential stored within my womb space. And no, this is not how I used to live my life, let alone embody my creativity. IContinue reading “Women & Depression”

Ayurveda: The Menstrual Cycle I Ayurveda: Der Menstruationszyklus

[DEUTSCHE VERSION UNTEN] Dr. Vanditha Nithin Pai on the ayurvedic view of the menstrual cycle: Ayurveda views Rutuchakra (Sanskrit for the ‘menstrual cycle’) as a window to the female body and gives a vivid description about it. As in young or aged plants, flowers and fruits do not come up, as in bud and decayingContinue reading “Ayurveda: The Menstrual Cycle I Ayurveda: Der Menstruationszyklus”

Blood underneath my Hands I Blut unter meinen Händen

[DEUTSCHE VERSION UNTEN] “Sacred blood is flowing underneath my hands. It is whooshing. It is vibrating. It is powerful. And healing. I have the rare opportunity to face the flow of my menstruation in total silence. A truly mighty encounter.” The moon exemplifies it to us. Our natural menstrual cycle runs parallel with the phasesContinue reading “Blood underneath my Hands I Blut unter meinen Händen”