If you were not initiated into womanhood when you experienced your first menstrual bleeding as a young woman, an important rite of passage wasn’t passed on to you. And I know this is the case for most of us, especially in the Western society. For most of us there wasn’t an elder woman taking ourContinue reading “CATCH-UP INITIATION MENSTRUATION RITUAL”

Ayurveda: The Menstrual Cycle I Ayurveda: Der Menstruationszyklus

[DEUTSCHE VERSION UNTEN] Dr. Vanditha Nithin Pai on the ayurvedic view of the menstrual cycle: Ayurveda views Rutuchakra (Sanskrit for the ‘menstrual cycle’) as a window to the female body and gives a vivid description about it. As in young or aged plants, flowers and fruits do not come up, as in bud and decayingContinue reading “Ayurveda: The Menstrual Cycle I Ayurveda: Der Menstruationszyklus”