You cannot surrender to your pleasure when your body is tense. An essential part of your path to sexual liberation is relaxing your nervous system which means to release stuck emotions and trauma from your body – especially from your heart and your womb. Yesterday evening I felt quite disconnected from myself because of lackContinue reading “FROM NUMBNESS OVER PAIN TO PLEASURE”

We are birthing a new Earth

As I’m sitting down this morning to channel the wisdom in my womb, my heart is expanding and every cell of my body is touched by what’s about to come for us. This time right now never existed before on Planet Earth. As human beings we went through all kinds of crises in the lastContinue reading “We are birthing a new Earth”

Doing it with love I In Liebe tun

[DEUTSCHE VERSION UNTEN] There is a sentence that I hear time and time again inside of me: Doing everything with love. And I feel that this is the key for a fulfilling life – no matter in which situation you are. Imagine you would do every handle, really every single movement like pushing down theContinue reading “Doing it with love I In Liebe tun”

From a Gyno Visit to Self-love

This is a personal story I share with you because I feel it is valuable to tell you a crucial example out of my life how I dealt with a disease diagnosed by a conventional medical practitioner. Just to let you know, since I don’t believe in the mainstream medical approach I don’t go intoContinue reading “From a Gyno Visit to Self-love”

How to Feel Home in Your Heart I Zuhause in deinem Herzen

[DEUTSCHE VERSION UNTEN] Your heart is a place. A real place inside of you. You always carry this place within you. It is always accessible to you. As often and whenever you want to. Since a very early age in my life I had difficulties feeling comfortable in any environment, whether it was a city,Continue reading “How to Feel Home in Your Heart I Zuhause in deinem Herzen”

Das Herzchakra

In allen Kulturen dieser Erde wird das Herz mit der Kraft der Liebe in Verbindung gebracht. Damit ist nicht die leidenschaftliche, sinnliche Liebe, die vor allem in der westlichen Welt oft mit der wahren Liebe verwechselt wird, gemeint, sondern die Liebe des spirituellen Herzens. Sie entspricht einer Bewusstseinsstufe, auf der die Liebe auf einer vielmehrContinue reading “Das Herzchakra”