First and foremost, I’m writing these lines for myself. It took me over a decade to understand what was happening with my body and psyche when I first encountered the force of this primal energy of consciousness that burns everything that’s in the way of living my highest truth. From a state of psychosis –Continue reading “KUNDALINI – A PERSONAL ANALYSIS”


This morning it dropped. It took me 8 years now to understand what actually happened in the yoga classes I visited in the winter of 2012 when I freshly moved to Berlin. It was the year when I healed from my burnout, quit with my studies and made my dream of living in Berlin comeContinue reading “THE WHITE DOVE”

Let the universe make love through you

How would it make you feel if you would consider everything in your life as sacred? How would it make your feet touch the ground if you would know that the ground they walk on is sacred? How would it make your nose smell if you would know that the fragrances of the plants areContinue reading “Let the universe make love through you”