– Sanika –

October 2016 in Baramati, Maharashtra, India. I am invited to participate in a Business Management Conference at Anekant Institute of Management Studies (AIMS). Having left the corporate world totally behind I was not ready to face that world so soon again, but apparently the mirror of my inner world was holding it up to me once more.

Even though I felt growing resistence among that event, I engaged in the experience.

Nevertheless, at the end those two days full of hospitality and human warmth became one of my most beautiful memories in India. Last, but not least, it is completely due to the student Sanika and her friends.



On the last evening she got me on her scooter and showed me her city. Her friends in tow. Closely behind her we were racing through the streets in sunset atmosphere. In the traditional part of Baramati blue sheets were blowing above our heads. Everywhere colorful lights. A ride in the midst of the orient. A narrow street led us to an about 700 years old temple. All of us sensed the peace and the stillness at this sacred place. Gratitude for this moment.

Gratitude for a woman like Sanika. A woman like Sanika who conquers the hearts of people in the shortest time. Her inner strength glows out of her deep brown eyes.

A woman of action who creates unforgettable moments through her grace and intelligence.

Thank you again, Sanika, I will always carry you in my heart!

Here is what Sanika tells about living womanhood in India:
“All around India we have “kitty groups” in which all the ladies and girls come together once a month to enjoy their womanhood. We arrange a sort of party with some snacks and drinks. Some games are organised as well as musik is played and we all dance together. Women who are fond of writing poems about being woman respresent their skills. We have a lot of fun and sense the feeling of communion between all of us! Since it is a change from daily routine, it makes us feel lively and rejuvenated!”
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