Are you ready to wholly feel yourself again and unleash the woman you truly are?

If you are looking to coming back home to your heart’s voice, your inner wisdom, your creative fire, sensual aliveness and innate erotic nature, you are in the right place.

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Imagine you would shed the layers of your numbness and disconnection from yourself and truly feel yourself again with everything that arises within you. You would be centered in your unique essence and thus, be able to discern what’s really true for you in every single moment.

Imagine you would perceive the voice of your heart, open yourself up to the endless stream of unconditional love and know how to fully accept, care for yourself and love yourself with everything that you are.

Imagine you would know how to tap into your sensual aliveness and innate erotic nature to awaken to your full potential of pleasure, confidently embody the woman you inherently are and be able to experience true intimacy with yourself as well as with others.

Imagine you would build a love relationship with your vagina and utilise your sexual energy as medicine for healing as well as for channeling it into your creative work.

Imagine you would have the key to your treasure of wisdom that is stored in your womb to find your answers within and trust your intuition.

Imagine you would feel grounded and safe within yourself to allow yourself to being held by the web of existence, to comprehending yourself as part of nature and living in harmony with your own cycle as well as with the rhythms of the earth.

Are you willing to make this your reality?

My 3-month-journey A WOMAN’S WAY HOME was created to help you achieve all of this.


A WOMAN’S WAY HOME is your transformational healing journey to shed the layers of your numbness, pain and disconnection you’ve been living in for so many years so you can come back to your true core and authentically embody be the woman you originally came here to be.
This journey holistically reconnects you with your wild feminine essence from within on the physical, mental, emotional as well as energetic level. I am on your side to help you to break free from your patriarchal conditioning, imposed expectations as well as to release trauma and shame from your womb space.
  • How to feel centered in and connected to your body so you don’t go through your day on autopilot anymore, but are fully present with your own feelings and sensations as well as with everything that’s happening around you.
  • How to navigate your anxiety so you can hold yourself and come back to feeling safe from within and trusting in life again.
  • How to value and feel worthy of yourself so you can also open yourself up to receive love from others.
  • How to listen to your heart again so you can sense what you truly want in your life and make empowered decisions.
  • How to accept and love yourself so you stop judging yourself and comparing yourself with others, but focus on your own needs and desires.
  • How to overcome your numbness, pain and shame in your womb and vagina so you can allow yourself to enjoy sensual pleasure and feel sexually alive.
  • How to liberate yourself from your conditionings, societal expectations and limiting beliefs to unapologetically pursue your own desires.
  • How to rest in in your feminine essence so you can follow your dreams without feeling stressed and depleted, but in total surrender.
  • How to connect with your menstrual cycle so you get back into flow and are not resistant towards the change that is happening for you.

This is for you if you want to feel truly connected to yourself, stop looking around for the answers outside of you and finally commit yourself to your big transformation of living your life as the woman you inherently are.

If this describes you, then A WOMAN’S WAY HOME is your key.



I’ll be on your side to guide you on a deep transformational journey with 10 healing mentoring sessions á 60 minutes within three months.

You’ll have unlimited e-mail access to send me your questions and ideas in between our sessions or anything else you need support on during our time together.

You’ll be inspired and nourished with life-changing exercises and delicious homework.



I’ll take you through a holistic healing journey setting the foundation in grounding yourself down into the earth, feeling safe within your body and getting back to flow with your own cycle. From there, I’ll hold space for you releasing your trauma as well as your patriarchal conditioning related numbness, pain and shame from your womb space.

You’ll learn how to feel your emotions, hold yourself and speak your truth arising from the wisdom of your own body. Feeling deeply connected to your feminine essence you’ll discover your sensual and sexual self as well as meet your inner wild wise woman. You’ll learn to express and embody these parts within yourself confidently.

Everything that’s happening in your life within these 3 months is weaved into our work together so you can immediately implement what you’ll have transformed and learnt.

Knowing how to fully love yourself in every aspect that you are will open you up to surrender to the flow of life, experience pleasure and live your authentic truth.

I’ll be there to hold space for your healing and witness you in reclaiming your power. Through receiving my transmissions you’ll have direct access to the codes of the feminine mystery I carry within my conciousness.

Why A WOMAN’S WAY HOME is meant for you:

You can still read tons of books about how to reconnect with your femininity, do the next free online course, continue scrolling through inspiring social media accounts and keep day dreaming about how your life would look like if you could be the woman you originally are, but you miss taking real action steps and having someone on your side who keeps you accountable.

With my 3-month-journey you won’t waste your time anymore asking yourself where and how to start to finally reconnect with your femininity. Moreover, you’ll save a lot of money hopping from one short-term program to another, as well as stop feeling overwhelmed and lost.

Being on my 3-month-journey will allow you to fully rest into the space I provide for you without having to direct your energy into any other courses, external sources or practices.

Furthermore, this journey works holistically on your physical, mental and emotional as well as on your energetic level meaning you’ll be able to feel grounded and energized even in stressful situations, you’ll have mental clarity and act from a place of self-love as well as be authentic and connected with yourself to manifest the life of your dreams.


By the end of A WOMAN’S WAY HOME you will be able to truly feel yourself again, be connected to your heart’s voice and the wisdom of your body so you can live your life as the vibrant, sensual and fully alive woman you originally came here to be.
Sabrina Abhai Joti is an Embodied Femininity Coach, Intuitive Guide and Yoni Mystic. She aids women in coming back home to their unique sensuality, cyclical nature, inner wild wise woman and the wisdom in their womb to savor their life in a blissful and free way without any limitations or shame. Deeply rooted in the ancient tradition of Kundalini Yoga she also incorporates restorative practices, cosmic oriental dance, tao tantric arts, tantric breath meditations, womb cleansing rituals and works with the five alchemical elements of the natural forces. Everything she has learnt from breaking free from the patriarchal conditioning, studying the feminine mysticism in different cultures and traveling the world on her own for the last few years flows into her teachings.



Anke Braun, Graphic Designer & Artist

“Sabrina`s coaching is based on love and empowerment. I have been on my own spiritual path for many years, but Sabrina was able to show me something game-changing. With her deep rooted and soft feminine energy she brought me from a place of searching in the outside to finding my „guru“ within. To really connecting with my own inner wisdom and living from this place. I was able to apply her tools and teachings to my own journey over and over again.

Each session with Sabrina feels like coming home to myself. With a great mix of skills, inspired visions and intuition she always leads me to a new perspective on my current situation and helps me to break free from „impassable rocks and borders“. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Rona, CEO of the Women’s Health Center in Wiesbaden, Germany

“Dear Sabrina, you have a wonderful, even a magically authentic nature. With your precious wisdom and competence you enable us women to remember our own treasure of wisdom within ourselves. With you sensing ourselves becomes possible again.

Getting in contact with my Yoni, feeling and enlivening her generated a very special energy which truly impressed me. It brought me deeply in touch with myself. It moved me. With your help the buried wisdom of an implicit truth about my femininity became disclosed. It flared up within me.

Let us women continue partaking in your work and removing layer after layer of our debris to reveal what wants to be born: The beauty and power of the feminine. I thank you.”

Bionda Rocheleau, Entrepreneur

“Sabrina is truly in her dharma. She embodies the goddess and emits such quantum codes. The one day we had a short video session, I was feeling extremely disconnected, as per usual, but even more on that day with fatigue, stress and coffee. Just by looking at her and listening to her I could already feel closer to home within myself.

She guided me through a quick meditation and it felt like a breakthrough. Ever since that day I made it my objective to connect to my yoni daily.

In a few weeks I changed my life around, attracted many blessings, made decisions, took actions about certain things that I feared so much before. I am so happy and feel very empowered. I want to dive deeper into myself, get to know me better, my powers, and attune even more to this beautiful and powerful feminine energy.”

Maja Durdevic, Gynaecologist

“In an easy and nurturing way, Sabrina took me to this warm place inside of me whose existence I forgot a long time ago and neglected for years. I love the way she brings that peace of wisdom. It feels so natural and logical. All fears and questions that I had around my topic melted away in a second within the beautiful space she created for my struggles.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Caro Linelli, Manager

“Through Sabrina’s work I discovered my femininity in a new way. In my mostly pretty number- and fact-based job the “soft” part of me hasn’t had any space so far and I thought that’s just the way it is. However, when I began processing my childhood experiences and questioning my limiting beliefs together with Sabrina, my femininity arose. I learnt that it isn’t a contradiction to be analytic and well-considering on the one hand and listening to the voice of my Yoni on the other hand simultaneously. Quite the contrary, it’s absolutely important and makes me feel whole in who I truly am as a woman. Furthermore, I am glad that my reclaimed wisdom now has a firm place in my life. I am not at the end of my journey, but I feel ready to live my life as an empowered woman. And not only that. I will pass on my wisdom and knowledge to the next generation. I wish for my daughters to live a self-determined life in harmony with and in awareness of their femininity. I am very grateful for having met Sabrina. She brought so much incredible value into my life. SAT NAM.”

Chloé Le Gaillard, General Manager

“Meeting Sabrina was such a bliss!! More than a job, coaching women is her life’s mission. She spreads her teachings with love and respect.”

Heike Härtel, M. A. & Yoga Teacher

“Gratitude and a deep soul connection – this is what I feel when I think of you, dear Sabrina. I am so thankful that the universe guided me to meet you. When I saw you the first time, I knew I had to work with you. Not knowing what was there about to come, but sensing that there was something extremely profound to it. I am grateful for every minute I had with you – no matter whether in your workshops or especially in our 1:1 private sessions.

Your intution is incredible. You always knew what I needed in that particular moment in time without talking about it beforehand. Thank you for your work, thank you for your wisdom that I was allowed to receive – about Kundalini Yoga, my Yoni, Shamanism, about you and the way of life you are living – it has enriched me greatly!”

Marianna Barthel, Expert in Parenting and Child Education

“When I think about Sabrina’s work I feel big gratitude. I learned to listen to my inner voice and started to feel the feminine side inside of me for the first time. During the sessions with her you have the chance to connect with your body and feel into everything in every moment. That was a new experience to me. After every session with Sabrina I was relaxed, calm and full of love.”

Leela Raphael, Energy Healer & Love Coach

“Sabrina has a magical way of connecting with you. She is calm, authentic and knows how and when to give the right impulses in the right moments. She is absolutely present with you. Being in her feminine aura and tapping into her moon wisdom, I got back my natural menstrual cycle. I am in big gratitude of all I was allowed to learn from and transfrom through her.”

Mirna Emersic, Educational Administrative Assistant

“I got to know Sabrina in our Kundalini Yoga classes. I loved those classes and made it my goal never to miss one. At some point, Sabrina mentioned a possibility to have one-to-one sessions with her and I took advantage of that. We had three sessions together. She helped me learn about and get in touch with my true feminine self that I have been ignoring for way too long. I am very grateful for that and wish I had realized all the things I have learned in my sessions with Sabrina sooner.”

Beata Hadaś, Manager

“After I had started connecting with my Yoni guided by Sabrina, I had sex with my husband and for the first time in my life I experienced an orgasm with a man. It was an amazing experience! Very beautiful.

I’ve also noticed how my feelings towards my husband have changed. I’ve already loved him with all of my heart, but now it’s even more intense. It feels like as if my heart has opened up for him in a way that I can now love him with all that I am.

My body reacts more sensitively when he touches me. My senses are intensified for his touch. When I caress his skin, I feel more energy running through my cells as well as I am more attracted to him. Generally speaking, I am much more open now.”

Dr. med. Elena Lieber, General Practitioner

“Lovely, beautiful, wise & gorgeous Sabrina brought me back what I had lost: my femininity with all its gifts. I feel like a goddess with a superpower: my beautiful Yoni. All the answers are in me. This is very good news, isn’t it? I am centered and allow myself to go with the flow and celebrate my womanhood. I am so proud to be a woman right now, I feel blessed.

All that Sabrina shared with me and taught me she did with such a kindness. Always individually matching to my current situation & issues.

Thank you so much for your guidance & inspiration.

Lots of love. namasté.”



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