Healing from the inside

There are many ways to fall deeper into ourselves. I practised many of them in the past years to peel like an onion to find my true self.  If you like I walk with you for a while to help you find your own way.


Our ancients looked down, to the earth below their feet.

They observed what grew, when and under which conditions.

They looked above into the stars.

They observed how the sky changed constantly and recognised the cycles.

And then they brought both together, how sky and earth work together.

And they saw, that they were one, with every peace of that.


Our mother earth offers us precious gifts every day. Through aware Watching, Hearing, and Feeling we can find healing for our body and souls and also return so much healing to our earth and all their citizens.

Essential oils ~ personal scents ~ journeys

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Curious about your cosmic soul plan?

Tarot – from the inside to the outside

Essential astrology ~ plant astrology





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