Medicine Sessions

The WITHIN Medicine Sessions are here to weave with you when a deeper theme in your life arises that needs your attention. It’s usually the time when another layer of the question ‘What is it that keeps you from being the woman you inherently are?’ wants to be peeled.

My work is intuitive. There’s no fixed modality or plan. I never know what’s going to happen in a session beforehand. All I do is tracking the deeper undercurrent of your life force to let unfold what brings you closer to aligning your life with the deeper thing in you.

This can mean to release an energy-sapping pattern of your ancestry, to discover an untouched pocket of grief in your heart, to bring your inner child back into your inner home, to feel the shame for your eros-dripping aliveness as a woman, to free your inner untamed she-wolf, to build a love relationship with your vagina or to release hooks and barbs from your womb space that created a stagnation of your creative life force.

Sometimes we might land back in the womb of your mother, meet in a different galaxy or just let a waterfall of tears flow down your cheeks.

This is about your home coming and the anchoring into your essence stemming from your deepest organic core.

My medicine sessions are a full-permission space for you to express yourself from what is true in the moment. You need to be seen in every facet of your being. You are meant to feel. And to go WITHIN.

Pack of 3 MEDICINE SESSIONS – 320 €

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