– Karen –


Karen and I met each other at our Kundalini Yoga Teacher´s Training in Berlin. The very first time we had a true deep talk from soul to soul was in Berlin Mitte in March 2016.

I always remind myself of this meeting from time to time because Karen is a sunshine and on this day the first rays of the spring sun were sparkling so beautifully on the surface of the Spree. We went for a walk on its bank and found out very quickly that we have so many things in our lives in common. Especially in the fields of relationship and sexuality we gained very similiar experiences.

Without any big explanations we could put ourselves in each other´s positions easily and sense the other one´s feelings. In these fields there is such a huge transformational work to do! Anyway, it is just beautiful to share these things freely with someone so open-minded and without any shame.

Even now we are both on a similiar path. Leaving her old life behind Karen starts out to India in order to make a further big step towards her self-liberation!

Dear Karen, always keep the shining of your inner sun in your mind! No matter where we are right now in the world, our souls always keep up the thick tie of our wonderful friendship!

Here is how she liberated herself from the pain of her menstrual cycle:

“Until I was 30 I was in pain during my menstrual cycle. What I most craved is sitting on my couch with a hot-water bottle on my belly and a cup of tea in my hand. Furthermore, I would have liked to be just with myself because I mostly felt very thin-skinned during this time of the month.

However, my daily working life did not permit it often times. Hardly ever that one dares to speak out freely that one is menstruating right now and does not feel highly productive.

This all changed when I discovered Kundalini Yoga for myself and passed the teacher´s training out of an intuitive decision. It was a mixture of different encounters that helped me to get rid of my menstrual cramps in such a way that I did not need painkillers anymore.

It was also because of a visit of a Sacred Women Circle at a festival where our wombs were touched by the energetic hands of the circle leader. We were led through a ceremony among a circle of women. Some days later I attended such a women´s workshop again because this authentic power and energy lasted a long time afterwards.

At the very end I created my own little ceremonie whereas I massaged my body with oil, invited consciously my menstruation to come and thanked Mother Nature and my body for the natural human process of menstruating.

Today, I care for myself much more and perceive this time of the month very consciously. This awareness is present within my body as well as in the external.”


[Karen (l.) and me (r.) at the bank of the Spree in March 2016]


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