– Isha –

For ten days Isha was sitting in front of me. Cross-legged. Showing me her back.

In the same spot at the same time the universe led us to a Vipassana meditation course in a village near Bangalore. During these ten days of silence we were not permitted to speak nor to use any other communication channels. We were even not allowed to look into each other´s eyes.

The way Isha sat in front of me with her overall radiating calmness she was a huge motivation for me to meditate for more than ten hours each day.

When the silence was broken on the last day, we got into conversation and discovered very quickly that we have so many things in our lives in common, even though we were grown up in such totally different cultures.


Isha is a woman full of depth in which one loves to dive deep into with her together and finds oneself in inspirational conversations again. That is living sisterhood!
As well, the wild woman inside of her is calling for liberation!
Here is how she unlocks her inner creative genius:
“To slip into my creative side, I just need to be in a disposition which is open, unrestricted and receptive. This simply allows me to observe little details and helps articulate ideas in a coherent manner. For example, to begin writing on something I need to first gather random data, analyse it carefully and then have it transcribed in a layout which is well thought out and structured. While cooking, going to my next favourite activity, on the other hand, engages me and connects me to the very moment. It aids at heightening my sensitivity towards the taste, smell, touch, look, feel and texture of the available stuff. Another activity, that is drawing, has more to do with my reflexes than reasoning. It stimulates my artistic capabilities and assists me in creating anything desirous.
I derive pleasure and relaxation in doing these creative activities.”
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