or “The Art of the Vagina-Led Woman”

When Lilith, Adam’s first wife, refused to “lie beneath” him during sex and therefore, left the Garden of Eden to explore what is beyond, she made it clear that she does not and won’t ever obey a distorted inversion of the natural order that would imply abandoning the primordial Feminine.

Upholding the organic law by stating that she is not a servant to men… of course, really upset the oppressive patriarchal system.

She was demonized and seen as a DANGEROUS woman.

Up until today, a woman who doesn’t allow anyone or anything that wants to tame the wise-wildish undercurrent that streams through her anywhere close to her is perceived as dangerous – simply because she is a sexually sovereign woman and such a woman is a POWERFUL woman.

Because she is vitally connected to the truth that lives inside of every woman’s vagina as well as to the organic womb grid of the Earth Mother that life originally is being birthed from.

Lilith had a deep relationship with her erotic wisdom. She knew how to let herself be guided by the pulse of her own life force.

She fully trusted her inner knowing as her highest asset in this world.

She could not be fooled or sidetracked from staying true to her freedom, passion and expression as a divine woman.

She knew it was her birthright.

In this sensitively guided 7-week journey we will be exploring Lilith’s secrets deep within our own body and erotic intelligence.

We will embark on the path of feeling the deeper thing that actually wants to run our life from within our own flesh and bones.

We will find our own unique key for anchoring and grounding ourselves firmly into our inner well of wisdom.

Note: This is not for the average women, but for the magical witchy creatures underneath us who would like to go deep – and I mean really deep – into their own energetics of their personal womb landscape to unravel their organic core and arrive home inside of their vagina.


… who takes her vitality and wellbeing into her own hands,

… who loves to explore even deeper layers of her psyche through her vagina’s tissues,

… who longs to be more authentically expressed in her business, art and craft through connecting to her creative life force,

… who desires to release numbness and move stagnation to have plump and nourished vaginal tissues that are her true beauty and rejuvenation elixir

… and who is here for a slow and sensual millimeter-by-millimeter unfolding of her unique erotic essence.

This journey is a multidimensionally energetic and psycho-spiritual as well as a practical hands-on de-armouring one that will especially get you to know the fruits of your vulva, vagina and cervix.

Starting from August 21st, we will meet every Sunday for 7 weeks at 6pm London Time for 2 to 2.5 hours live via Zoom (recordings available).

There will be an intimate Telegram group this alchemical cauldron will be held in and which will serve as an integrational support for you.

IMPORTANT: This journey is not for you when you have an IUD inserted or are postpartum. It is also not for you when you have experienced severe sexual trauma that you have never processed in any way or form (In that case reach out to me for 1:1 work.). On a medical note, all of the hands-on practices we will do help with any kinds of pelvic issues and support you in bringing your whole womb space back into health and alignment. These practices will serve you for the rest of your life.

The price is € 590.*

*If you want to join this journey together with a friend, both of you will get € 50 off and pay € 540 each. This special offering ends on July 29th.

In order to go on this intimate journey with me you need to fill out an application form. If your application is approved, I will send you the further details to reserve your spot and make your payment.

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