8 tips on how to eat the sensual way

+ orgasmic chocolate meditation

There are various gateways to unleash your sensuality. This ebook particularly works with your sense of taste. Your chakras, the energy centers within your body, are related to the five alchemical elements of the natural forces which are linked to your senses. Your erotic nature which is your original state is home in your womb.

Your womb – regardless of your gender – is the seat of your creative potential and your innermost wisdom. This is the place you want to awaken in order to get your sexual energy flowing, to feel alive and birth your unique creations on Planet Earth. The corresponding chakra is the sacral chakra – Svadhishthana – which is situated a few inches underneath your belly button. This chakra is linked to the water element and to your sense of taste. Thus, expanding your experience of taste can be a fun gateway to awaken your erotic nature, to accelerate your sensual way of being as well as to feel more alive.

Eating is a huge part of the daily life. Becoming more conscious with it, makes it even more enjoyable. It deepens the relationship with your physical body – the temple of your soul – which in turn heightens your ability to sense the bliss of life.

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