– Feli –

Feli and I got to know each other at our Kundalini Yoga Teacher´s Training in Berlin in 2016. Immediately I was fond of her when she told about the little trip around the world with her husband and baby Arjun from which they just came from. Yet after school she started out to the big wide world. She traveled and lived in countries like China, New Zealand, India, Bali and lastly in Romania.

I knew I had to ask her if she knows a person abroad which I can contact and reach out to. The first person that came to her mind was an Indian professor in Bangalore. First, I took the idea in, but already during the early Sunday morning recitation of the Jap Ji at one of our training weekends in Mai 2016 I could sense that´s exactly it and that Feli plays a key role on my spiritual path. She led the universe speak through her and led me know I had to meet this professor in India. And that is exactly what happened! I thank you endlessly, Feli, and I am so grateful for knowing you!

Feli and her son Arjun

Here is how she connects to her femininity and lives her womanhood:

“Every time when it is full moon I always practice the following ritual in the nightly full moon light: I connect myself to the power of Luna, her light and the qualities of love, bounteousness and gratitude. One after the other I bath in the waves of these gifts. Furthermore, I sense femininity the most when I melt with my partner, when we become one and at the same time feel the opposite poles of woman and man. When I breastfeed my child I am a woman at it´s highest experience. My sister circle (“Global Sisterhood”) means both support and empowering of womanhood to me. Women from all over the world connect, share experiences, stories out of their lives and wisdom, give each other financial support and inducement to live their dreams and visions. Last but not least, I dress myself in a feminine way, wear make-up and earrings and love beautiful underwear. Be courageous to discover and live your womanhood, dear woman, dear beautiful friend, dear sacred sister!”

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