Wild Soul

Does your Wild Soul speak to you? Can you hear it? Does there anything swing inside of you if you hear the word “Wild Soul”? Chances are good – you are on the right path.

Everybody has this Wild Soul inside and if we are connected with it and know the deepest wishes of it we can explore our life in its fullest. Meaningful, healthy and full of bliss is the path while we let the Wild Soul guide us.


It is our truest self, not what we have become through the years of lifetime, it is the pure joy and curiousity.

We know that we act in the wish of our wild soul if we feel passion and bliss in the activities we do or also in silent moments.

Commonly we lose the connection to this Wild Soul in our childhood and have to dig it up again in our adulthood. Sometimes it is hard to find this connection to the true self. This is where I come into play.

From Soul to Soul:

Since I can remember it is my passion to really clear the path for others. To help finding their purpose and bring up new clarity for life changes. My speak and voice always became strong and passionate finding someones essence and people felt realigned after those soul talks.

For myself I use Tarot cards since I was initiated naturally growing up and learning from my beloved Mother. I always loved to dive deep into soul realms. My own and also into others.

My other passion is to write, in melodies of intuitive words, emotions, pictures which come up while flowing over the page. And to use this tool to connect with you.

Out of these heartfelt passions something has been born: The Wild Soul Sessions.

If you are interested how such a Session will look like, you are invited to look here….!

Let me be your speaking tube of your Wild Soul and come into the full bliss of your life!



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