Come home to yourself.
Sense your physical body.
Reconnect with your Yoni. The voice of your inner wild wise woman.
And thereby, feel anchored in your essence.
Ground into your femininity. In your truth.
Where all your gifts and wisdom are stored.
To live the life of your wildest dreams!


Yoni Healing & Rewilding

I see you, sister. And I see this deep longing inside of you to fully comprehend yourself as the powerful wild wise woman you inherently are. The key to this embodied realization lies in your relationship with your own Yoni.

Yoni is Sanskrit and means “origin” / “source” or “sacred space”. Herewith, I refer to her comprehensive tantric meaning for vulva (labia, clitoris and mons veneris) and vagina (connecting tubular inner organ of cervix and vulva) as well as perineum, womb, ovaries and tube.

Are you aware of your Yoni?

Do you sense her wise voice?

Do you feel her tingling sensations?

Her numbness? Her pain? Her pleasure?

Are you aware of her wounds?

The relationship to your Yoni mirrors your attitude towards life itself. She is the place where new life comes into existence. Where you birth your creations. She represents your commitment for your aliveness and the utilisation of your potential as a human being.

Your omnipresent connectedness as a woman allows you to travel telepathically through all parts of the world and all eras of human existence to feel your ancestors, sisters, inner little girl and previous lives in your female organs. All those events and experiences which have caused a separation from your original and natural sensuality and thus, led to your disembodiment.

When you begin to honor and claim your ability to feel and sense, you are guided to your way home into vital health, a fulfilling sexuality and sensual pleasure in your daily activities. Becoming conscious of the sensations in your Yoni means to understand that the world around you affects your inner world. Her power leads you to look within and to recognize how your mind is capable of distorting your reality because of conditionings, dogmas, judgements and shame.

I am on your side to help you release the chains of your own fear, self-doubt and -hate. I am here to witness you liberating your original raw and sensual self. So that the universe can make love through you in every single moment of your life. In blissful pleasure. In pure vibrancy.

Together we explore what keeps you from being the woman you truly are.

What holds you back from living the life your wildest desires?

When did you stop following your dreams?

It’s a process that unfolds in your own individual way. As your guide, I give you orientation, hold space for and witness you in your transformation. I serve you with all my inutitive gifts as well as my yogic, tantric, taoist and shamanic knowledge of the feminine mysticism.


WILD GAIA Principles


Part of this healing journey can also be a sacred womb cleansing ritual to release any energetic cords that connect you to a certain person like a past lover, situation or belief that you are ready to let go of. This also refers to any sexual trauma or other ailment related to your physical womb such as a difficult labor, surgery, miscarriage or abortion.

If you feel called to do this work, book a 30-min free discovery call with me to ask me anything that’s on your heart and to see if we are a good fit. You can contact me via e-mail at or use the contact form. The coaching is also possible in German language.

Being anchored in your feminine power changes the way you feel, speak, move, eat, work and make love. It affects all areas of your life. And yes, your life will change. Don’t be surprised by the power of your own commitment!

I am so much looking forward to get to know you!

Sabrina Abhai Joti


Anke Braun, Graphic Designer & Artist

“Sabrina`s coaching is based on love and empowerment. I have been on my own spiritual path for many years, but Sabrina was able to show me something game-changing. With her deep rooted and soft feminine energy she brought me from a place of searching in the outside to finding my „guru“ within. To really connecting with my own inner wisdom and living from this place. I was able to apply her tools and teachings to my own journey over and over again.

Each session with Sabrina feels like coming home to myself. With a great mix of skills, inspired visions and intuition she always leads me to a new perspective on my current situation and helps me to break free from „impassable rocks and borders“. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Rona, CEO of the Women’s Health Center in Wiesbaden, Germany

“Dear Sabrina, you have a wonderful, even a magically authentic nature. With your precious wisdom and competence you enable us women to remember our own treasure of wisdom within ourselves. With you sensing ourselves becomes possible again.

Getting in contact with my Yoni, feeling and enlivening her generated a very special energy which truly impressed me. It brought me deeply in touch with myself. It moved me. With your help the buried wisdom of an implicit truth about my femininity became disclosed. It flared up within me.

Let us women continue partaking in your work and removing layer after layer of our debris to reveal what wants to be born: The beauty and power of the feminine. I thank you.”

Caro Linelli, Manager

“Through Sabrina’s work I discovered my femininity in a new way. In my mostly pretty number- and fact-based job the “soft” part of me hasn’t had any space so far and I thought that’s just the way it is. However, when I began processing my childhood experiences and questioning my limiting beliefs together with Sabrina, my femininity arose. I learnt that it isn’t a contradiction to be analytic and well-considering on the one hand and listening to the voice of my Yoni on the other hand simultaneously. Quite the contrary, it’s absolutely important and makes me feel whole in who I truly am as a woman. Furthermore, I am glad that my reclaimed wisdom now has a firm place in my life. I am not at the end of my journey, but I feel ready to live my life as an empowered woman. And not only that. I will pass on my wisdom and knowledge to the next generation. I wish for my daughters to live a self-determined life in harmony with and in awareness of their femininity. I am very grateful for having met Sabrina. She brought so much incredible value into my life. SAT NAM.”

Chloé Le Gaillard, General Manager

“Meeting Sabrina was such a bliss!! More than a job, coaching women is her life’s mission. She spreads her teachings with love and respect.”

Marianna Barthel, Expert in Parenting and Child Education

“When I think about Sabrina’s work I feel big gratitude. I learned to listen to my inner voice and started to feel the feminine side inside of me for the first time. During the sessions with her you have the chance to connect with your body and feel into everything in every moment. That was a new experience to me. After every session with Sabrina I was relaxed, calm and full of love.”

Leela Raphael, Energy Healer & Love Coach

“Sabrina has a magical way of connecting with you. She is calm, authentic and knows how and when to give the right impulses in the right moments. She is absolutely present with you. Being in her feminine aura and tapping into her moon wisdom, I got back my natural menstrual cycle. I am in big gratitude of all I was allowed to learn from and transfrom through her.”

Mirna Emersic, Educational Administrative Assistant

“I got to know Sabrina in our Kundalini Yoga classes. I loved those classes and made it my goal never to miss one. At some point, Sabrina mentioned a possibility to have one-to-one sessions with her and I took advantage of that. We had three sessions together. She helped me learn about and get in touch with my true feminine self that I have been ignoring for way too long. I am very grateful for that and wish I had realized all the things I have learned in my sessions with Sabrina sooner.”