being connected

A powerful feeling rises inside of my body when I remember the first time feeling this profound communion with every woman all over the world deep inside my womb.

I was traveling in Berlin´s U-Bahn from Moritzplatz to Kleistpark. I was about to reach my home, but at the same time I was feeling a totally different home. A deeper feeling of home inside my womb. A whole different level was growing. A level I had not acted out of consciously before.

Being most of the times in my head and acting out of my mind.

One more level I have experienced is the heart level. Especially after heart opening meditations I perceive an opening in my chest area. Very soft and warm. Feelings like forgiveness and compassion become very strong then.

However, this summer evening a totally new level was growing in that moment.

Prior to that, I had attended a workshop for pelvic floor integration. Through these physical exercises with and inside my pelvis I could feel this area much more clearly. My pelvis got more sensitive and accessible for me. I enjoyed the sensations. At the end we meditated all together into our wombs. We connected the pelvic floor with the ground underneath and breathed deep into the earth. I felt connected with Mother Nature. Felt strong and firm in myself. Had the feeling that absolutely nothing can hit me now. We are all held.

When I got onto the U-Bahn on my way home, an inner strength was growing inside of me. I stood with a total straight and erect spine and was absolutely in the present moment with my environment. First, I felt a profound connection to all women inside the coach. I could feel them and sensed that invisible nets are weaved around us. Then, this feeling spread from the U-Bahn out to the whole world. I could see the globe with all its continents and countries in front of my inner eyes. I saw all women of our beautiful planet and felt magically connected with them.

Through this experiencing I gained so much strength that I had the feeling I could master every situation right now. Now matter what is going to happen here and now, I can hold the space. For all of us.

This feeling originates from the communion. A communion that is always present. The only thing we have to do is getting in touch with its net of its invisible threats and deeply checking in with ourselves. Feeling deeply into our womb which carries the treasure of our incredible wisdom inside.

From then on, I knew every woman shall experience this feeling and I want to help towards it.

Sabrina Abhai Joti

These circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we feel weak and sing with us when we feel strong.


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