There’s a whole generation of women who grew up with an uninvolved father or without a father at all. Those fathers mostly did not have a father themselves due to all the hardship of the historical events in the past centuries and the consequential emasculation. No matter if you had a father who was physicallyContinue reading “FATHERLESS WOMEN WHO HOLD THEMSELVES”


5 BASELINES No matter if you want to make love with the quantum to manifest a physical desire or reach higher states of consciousness, the actual act of sex magic by its very nature is simple. But how do you get there? What does it take to have such an extent of awareness and bodyContinue reading “PATHWAY TO SEX MAGIC”


These times might be challenging, but these times are also special… … because in this era of the Earth’ evolution we have public access to women’s wisdom. There’s already a whole load of witches and wombyns around us who’ve come through the rebirth canal. Women who speak from the tongue of their wild wise womb.Continue reading “ACCESSING WOMB CONSCIOUSNESS”


As a woman who always dealt with severe tonsillitis as a teenager several times a year, stuttering as a young girl as well as a rather weak voice and who when she gets sick, it’s her throat aching first, I had to take a deeper look into the meaning and energetics of the throat –Continue reading “A WOMAN’S THROAT”


Anasyrma is the gesture of lifting one’s skirt and exposing the vulva. It’s not to be equated with flashing which is a physically similar gesture as an act of exhibitionism and implies sexual arousal for the exposer. Anasyrma is a provocative self-determined act of exposing one’s naked vulva only for the effect on the viewer.Continue reading “ANASYRMA”


Our body is our only true home in this lifetime and her language is our intuition. Some of us have to experience this in the literal sense more than others. We may learn that our physical body is the only true existent home through an illness or losing the roof over our head. And whenContinue reading “THE LANGUAGE OF INTUITION”


We all know these moments when our creativity is silent and we are called to rest in it because every attempt to forcefully come up with a new idea or a further step in our current project is just a desperate act without any success. Being constantly in active creation mode is still a deepContinue reading “THE FERTILE VOID”


The first time I became conscious of the significance of my mole that I carry on the right next to my lips was in the religion classes at grammar school. I was baptised Catholic right after birth. (I don’t need to tell you that I stepped out of church legally as soon as I wasContinue reading “THE HOLY MOLE”


Something is deeply rumoring in my womb. It has the taste of grief. A while ago, I stumbled upon the use of the word ‘matrix’, especially in the spiritual arena where this word marks the structures of all the distortions like the corruption, obedience and slavery installed in the societal frame of the corporate world,Continue reading “WE MISUSE THE WORD ‘MATRIX’”


Four years ago, a big underlying pattern that kept me small for almost my entire life and made me not step up in my soul business became conscious to me. I was already two years into my purpose work and spent night and day journeying with my soul remembrances, studying and practicing my own teachings.Continue reading “THE VICTIM’S JEALOUSY”