In my early twenties, I desperately tried to find a sense of belonging in this world. I sold my inner truth for fitting into a golden cage by following a career in the corporate world and the associated social recognition as well as the supposed safety and stability it should provide.

As the walls around my heart were thickening, I entered a state of total disconnection and disembodiment. I became numb from head to toe. I had left my body because I couldn’t bear feeling the pain of abandoning my inner voice and betraying myself.

Every time I would be asked how I felt and I would make the slighest attempt to feel into my body to give an answer to this question, I hit a layer of pain that just led to hot big tears rolling down my cheeks.

The medical system put me on antidepressants to suppress even more what wanted to be seen underneath the surface of my insomnia and depression.

The first things changed when I quit all of this and moved to Berlin where the unravelling of my layers of conditioning, numbness and pain through processing lifetimes of violent heartbreak, crying waterfalls of tears of grief and releasing the chains of my shame began.

I reconnected to my inner little girl, wrote a letter to my menstrual blood, massaged the numbness from my breasts and finally understood I needed to liberate the stream of my eros in order to live the life as the woman I came here to be.

As soon as I began to build a relationship with my pussy and sexuality, I discovered that the whole landscape of my story as a woman on Planet Earth, the mountains and rivers of my soul’s journey in a female body, all of my scars, my experiences and that which was waiting to become wisdom is vividly resides in the tissues of my pussy.

My clitoris told me of my nervousness and about all the places I collected levels of mistrust, impatience and tension. My labia contained my shame as well as my fear of exposing myself fully as well as she revealed the true extent of my desire to hide from the world. The hardening of my perineum told me about my difficulty of letting go. In my G-spot, I found my fear of failure, of either feeling too much or not good enough. My wild untamed self was waiting here to be claimed.

My inner vaginal canal stored thousands of years of anger and rage, and all of my silent screams. Imprints of traumatic sexual experiences left pockets of grief, but also a forever indestructible grace.

When I took the decision to leave the corporate world, the supposed safety and all my materials behind to make my inner child’s dream of just grabbing my backpack and going off to adventures with a one-way-ticket to India, I was given the first key to my inner well of wisdom and received a vision of my life’s work.

Over six years, I lived more or less abroad in countries like India, Iran, Thailand, Portugal, Romania, France, Israel and Palestine to understand who I am and come home within myself no matter the circumstances around. Life initiated me into the path of the FEMININE, pushing me to trust the Unknown again and again.thing I knew was that I had to go

I was ready to reclaim my own pod step into my l

I sat in circle together with women from all across the globe to reveal our deepest truths and hearts’ yearnings. We found ourselves dancing in the woods, bathing in wild rivers, sleeping in tents as well as in castles, holding each other’s hands, screaming out our anger from the roofs of this world, singing our grief, celebrating our bodies, laughing ourselves to death and experiencing miracles.

Those years of deep ancestral healing, inner child work, studying about trauma and the nervous system, following my life force, reclaiming my sexual sovereignty and practicing the embodiment of my inner felt truth led me to uncover my inherent gifts and abilities.

Today, as a Teacher and Mentor of the Feminine, I guide women home into their body and own inner well of wisdom, their true wealth in this world.


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