Being born into this world, I had never found myself completely anchored. Desperately trying to find a sense of belonging, I had locked myself up in a golden cage of a supposed safety of a corporate job, social recognition and external stability. In my early twenties, the walls around my heart became thicker until I entered a state of total disconnection. I was numb from head to toe.

Right after recovering from my burnout, I found myself in Berlin where the unravelling began. Unleashing layer after layer of my numbness and pain through processing lifetimes of violent heartbreak, crying waterfalls of tears of my seemingly never ending grief, mourning the disconnection from my true essence, uncovering the levels of my conditioning and immense shame as well as through awakening to the beauty of my sexuality and birthright to be alive with every single cell of my body.

The only thing I knew was that I had to go on.

I reconnected to my inner little girl and took her hand. Her innocence and sense of curiosity for being a daughter of this Earth led me to remember my dreams and true desires for this lifetime.

My wild feminine essence called me back home. I wrote a letter to my menstrual blood, began massaging the numbness from my breasts and gazed at my vulva in the mirror. Visions of women sitting in circle and sourcing their power from their interdimensional womb portal began to appear in front of my inner eye. I knew there was more to it.

I was ready to reclaim my own power and step into my legacy.

Thus, I left the corporate world, the supposed safety and all my material belongings behind, grabbed my backpack and went off with a one-way-ticket to India in my hand. Travels through countries like India, Iran, Thailand, Portugal, Romania, France, Israel and Palestine followed and activated my inner ancient earth-based as well as galactic wisdom. Step by step, life initiated me into the path of the natural feminine mysticism. Pushing me to trust the Unknown.

Time and time again, I sat in circle together with women from all across the globe to reveal our deepest truths and hearts’ yearnings. We found ourselves dancing in the woods, bathing in wild rivers, holding each other’s hands, screaming out our anger from the roofs of this world, singing our grief with hot tears running down our cheeks, celebrating our beautiful bodies, laughing ourselves to death and experiencing miracles.

All of that to remember who we really are and what we came here for.

Years of ancestral healing, inner child work, studying about trauma release and the nervous system, reclaiming my sexual sovereignty and practicing the embodiment of my inner felt truth to strip away the veil of oblivion and shame led me to arrive back home to my inherent multidimensional healing gifts.

Working with my life force energy in a mature and graceful way to channel it into my my business made me comprehend the huge potential that resides in my womb and my responsibility that comes along with it of using my intuition to birth my creations into existence in service to humanity.

Today, as an Intuitive, a Womb Weaver and Embodiment Mentor, I holistically help women releasing their traumas and blockages through inner child work and psychic surgeries, building a love relationship with their body and vagina and reconnecting with their heart’s voice so that they can allow the Universe to make love through them to live their wildest dreams and step into their true purpose.

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