The baseline for aligning with your inner truth is your relationship with Mother Earth and the full acceptance of your soul’s decision to incarnate on Planet Earth as well as the full habitation of your magical vessel that is your physical body. If you don’t live in your body, something else will.

The human is imprinted with their ancestral and cultural conditioning and their societal upbringing. To begin with the shedding and digging through to your core essence to live your true purpose, you need to look at all the imprints that shaped your present self and caused layers of numbness and pain that keep you caged in self-doubt, self-sabotage, addictions, ailments, insecurities and shame.

Your inner little girl lives in your heart. She wants to be seen, heard and felt. Reparenting her heals the suffering in your heart and builds back your basic trust into life with feelings of security and safety. Her joy, her curiosity for life and her playfulness are the prerequisite for opening your heart for your uniqe potential.

Your inner child healing goes together with your womb healing. As soon as your heart feels safe to open, your womb space will open her portal for you to take a deep look into all the shadows that lie hidden in here. This is not for the faint of heart as you will have to face your own multidimensional abyss, your grief, your rage, your sexual traumas, your feelings of shame and guilt, in order to reclaim your innate wisdom, your intuition, sensual power, sexual aliveness and pleasure – which is all your birthright as a woman.

Your heart and your womb form a magical alchemy that can transform any pain into love.

You will need this as you embark further on your journey to see through all the artificial overlays, synthetic grids, spiritual new (c)age distortions and your own parallel life traumas, especially your witch wound that keeps you in fear of expressing your truth and work with your abilities publicly.

You will integrate your shadows that go hand in hand with your holistic trauma releases that are deeply interwoven together on the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic level.

From here, you slowly arrive at a state of emotional maturity, you regain back your self-healing abilities, take self-responsibility for the direction your life takes and finally, step up in your sovereignty.

This is not an ascension, it’s an inscension process because you will have to go within, you will shed these layers like an onion to come home to your inner core that has always been there.

The further you go, the more life force will return to you and the more your innate gifts will become visible for you.

This is not a linear path and since I am on it myself, I can tell you that a wild woman’s way home requires commitment, endurance, patience and support.

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