My relationship with YOGA extends over a comprehensive spectrum. It is and always will be in a continuous development.

In my teachings I invite you to allow yourself to sink into the structure of a certain style drawing from its experience-based wisdom. Sensing the ancient tradition behind, surrendering to it and observing the effects within your being. To hold certain postures, chant particularly selected mantras and practice special breathing techniques helps you to enter your body’s intelligence as well as to increase your awareness and perceptual capacity for the sensations which take place in your body on an energetic, emotional and physical level.

With a heightened body awareness, you may discover that this structured experience then allows you to let go of it again. To engage completely into your body and therewith, to follow your intuition so that the embodiment of your emotions and soul’s callings can be expressed.

The following Yoga styles are close to my heart and are weaved into my work.


KUNDALINI YOGA is an ancient empirical science from the North of India. For thousands of years it was safeguarded as a precious treasure by the local monasteries until Yogi Bhajan revealed its secret in 1969.

The kriyas, mantras and pranayama techniques help you to build a healthy body, develop a balanced mind and get into a deeper touch with your intuition. Moreover, it strengthens your nervous system, balances your glandular system for elevated stability and vitality as well as detoxes your whole system. It’s an efficient and direct path to your feelings.

You unleash layer after layer of your ego, your pain and past until you finally discover your true self. It invites you to think out of the box and thereby, to tap into your full potential.

Especially, its heart opening exercises made me hear the voice of my heart again and guided me to begin the journey of my life.


At the beginning, YIN YOGA was a silent amorousness for me which became a firm component in my life.

In YIN YOGA you keep the postures for about three to five minutes which allows a stretching and opening of your deeper tissues. You fully surrender to the position, relax into it and let yourself sink towards the earth’ ground with the natural pull of gravity. You are in stillness with yourself, your body, your breath and all the sensations within your being.

Here deep healing occurs. Tension can leave the body. Everything relaxes into a softness and tender opening.

You let go of all entitlements and commit to purely being. Sensing that which is here and now.

With YIN YOGA I finally learned how to surrender.


As a part of the infinite universe your body exists of all five elements which the whole cosmos is made of: earth, water, fire, air and ether.

In my self-created work with the 5 ELEMENTS you sense all these terrene levels in your body, express them through your unique femininity, let them flow through you and see where they guide you to. Without judgement. Just diving into experience and surrender.

You dedicate yourself to every single element individually. You start with grounding exercises, then move your body through the flow of the water, go higher and let the fire ignite your inner powers, after that let your heart be opened by the wind and finally, end with a deep soul-connecting Kundalini Yoga meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

As the five alchemical elements of the natural forces are connected to the senses, the practices also enhance your sensuality. You experience and get to know yourself better in your individual totality. You come home to your body, the temple of your soul, and are able to meet yourself on deeper levels.

Working with the five elements made me practically comprehend myself as a part of nature as well as the whole universe.


With YONI YOGA you discover your original feminine essence and experience your unique sensuality through intuitive cosmic dance, deep breathing & mindfulness practices, heart and Yoni connecting meditations as well as tantric Yoga and Taoist practices.

Yoni is the sacred Sanskrit word for vagina and means “source” and “sacred space”.

When you as a woman come home to yourself and rediscover the art of bringing the Seen and the Unseen together into manifestation, you start living life as an embodied human being. You feel that you are a part of nature and can merge with her, Gaia.

In wild aliveness. In stillness. In softness.

YONI YOGA makes you dive deeply into your mystical essence. You let yourself be guided by your Yoni – the sacred space within your womb. She is the beginning and everything else follows. Step by step, you slowly regain access to your wisdom and animal nature which is stored within and cannot wait to be expressed. You move along with your unique sensuality without limitations. Totally free.

You allow your shame, personal, ancestral and collective pain, competitive behavior, self-sabotage, lack thinking as well as feelings of isolation and separation from source to come up to the surface and release it. You are then able to feel the interconnectedness between all women, the universe and Earth.

Being connected with my Yoni helps me to regain the inner knowing why I am here. I experience a feeling of oneness and being home in my soft as well as fierce femininity.

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