These times might be challenging, but these times are also special…

… because in this era of the Earth’ evolution we have public access to women’s wisdom. There’s already a whole load of witches and wombyns around us who’ve come through the rebirth canal.

Women who speak from the tongue of their wild wise womb. Who know how to collect the dead bones and birth a whole new life.

It is also within you.

Your womb is calling you to your deepest place within. It’s your own organic womb consciousness that sets your life force free to create from a place of integrity and love – and to build the life of your wildest dreams in the midst of global chaos.

Because the original organic womb grid is and will always be stronger than any political, governmental or other artificial distortion.

Now, how do you access your own organic womb consciousness?

1) Befriend your dark waters

Your womb’s tissues are the living landscape of your deepest shadows and wounds compiled in stuck emotions and trauma textures. You need to be willing to journey into your own multidimensional abyss with all the discomfort it holds. It’s on you to let go of the resistance, mature your self-holding abilities and bravely explore your grief, rage, shame and guilt to let your womb’s heart crack open in the face of your truth again and again.

You have to recollect your own dead bones to learn how to rebirth yourself.

2) Live your cyclical nature

Your menstrual cycle lets you swing in harmony with the natural cycles and rhythms of the Earth. Primordial womb consciousness is rooted in intelligence of all the phases: conception, gestation, death and rebirth. Don’t fall in love with just one, fall in love with all of them and you will come home to your feminine essence.

3) Adore your menstrual blood

Look at it. Touch it. Smell it. Taste it. Adorn your skin with it. Return it back to the Earth. (Did you know your menstrual blood has a high healing frequency?)

4) Awaken your inner sensual lover

Your womb is the seat of your own sensual nectar, your sexual aliveness, your art of seduction. Let your sensual juices flow from your womb’s portal. Let her breathe through you. Let her touch yourself. Let her fluids awaken your throat to sound and moan. To toss and turn. And move like warm liquid honey through your veins.

Break down the barriers, practice surrender and let yourself be devoured by your own juice.

5) Listen to your womb’s radar

And above all, act accordingly! Your womb has the most extraordinary radar of energetical discernment and truth detection. It surrounds you as an energy field, encircling you from the back and front as well as from the sides. It has the finest sense for any fraudulent manipulative behaviours, unclean intentions or impurities.

Know who or what is in your field and know your boundaries.

6) Spend quality time with your womb

Place your hands onto her, feel and listen. Massage your abdominal area, your vulva and inner vaginal tissues. Do vaginal steaming. Gaze at your vulva in the mirror. You name it.

7) Do the trauma release work

Especially as a woman you store lifetimes of ancestral, cultural, religious and collective trauma in your womb space which can cause numbness and pain as well as a disconnection from feeling your truth and remembering why you are here. Become conscious of what’s going on in your own womb that blocks you from letting your life force aka your sexual energy flow abundantly and freely through your whole being so that the Universe can make love to the Earth through you.


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