Our body is our only true home in this lifetime and her language is our intuition.

Some of us have to experience this in the literal sense more than others. We may learn that our physical body is the only true existent home through an illness or losing the roof over our head.

And when we begin to embark on this journey of healing or finding a house to live in, we inevitably realize how deeply connected our body is with our soul and spirit and that the bridge between them is our intuition.

Illness arises when we’ve forgotten our connection to the divine. When the accumulated layers rooted in our conditioning and trauma are so thick that we cannot see through anymore. Our soul can’t reach us anymore through gentle whispers into our ear and instead has to find another way to let us know that we’ve come far off of our path. This is when physical pain arises from our bodily tissues where the cause is rooted energetically and emotionally.

Relearning how to read the language of our intuition can be a life’s task that thrives on ongoing refinement. And yet, understanding even tiny bits of our own unique language is what rewards us the most in life.

We are all unique. And we all carry our own threads of our universal journeys as a soul in our physical body. Our body is a diverse landscape full of singular stories.

My personal health journey has mostly been characterised by insomnia and digestive issues. Unpacking those has led me to multidimensional discoveries and through multiple rabbit holes from my birth trauma over the mother wound to off-wordly contracts and more. All to send me back home to my intuition and gifts that naturally unfold on the path.

Several times, I set up my life’s circumstances in a way that I didn’t have a home to physically live in. I still remember this moment six years ago when I just left my corporate job and sold everything to travel and stood on a bridge in Berlin with my raw intention for all of this arising from the inside: I will find home in myself. I will learn how to feel home inside of my body no matter the circumstances around.

It’s exactly what life brought me over the following years. And oh hell, it wasn’t easy at all. It brought me onto my knees. I oftentimes literally collapsed on Mother Earth’ ground to ask her to take me back and bury me in her soil.

All to send me back home to an even more refined embodiment of my intuition.

This is a life-long journey and when you’ve ever been in a session with me, you know that I leave the major part to your unique body’s wisdom to let the intelligence of your tissues speak instead of applying any cumbersome concepts. Your body is direct. Every embodied session or healing leaves you a step further to reconnecting to your intuition, especially when you are anchored in your womb consciousness – the mother of intuition.

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