We all know these moments when our creativity is silent and we are called to rest in it because every attempt to forcefully come up with a new idea or a further step in our current project is just a desperate act without any success.

Being constantly in active creation mode is still a deep underlying pattern of the conditioning we grew up with. It makes us feel uncomfortable. We walk up and down asking ourselves what might be wrong with us. It makes us tremble inside as we have to trust the unknown of the void. Which in fact is a truly advanced feminine practice.

Now there’s of course these cases when our creative energy which is our life force is stuck and can’t flow because of a variety of reasons which can root back to deep trauma (especially in our womb space) and a closed heart.

But here I’m talking about those silent spaces within the creative flow. Those moments when we think we’ve lost it. We’ve lost the spark, our creativity has died. It can even cause us to panic and question our whole existence as creator beings.

When in truth, those silent spaces are part of the process.

How much do we trust the unfolding? How much do we trust life? How deeply can we surrender to the unknown of the void?

The feminine rests in her trust of the infinite void and she knows that it’s the space where the seed is nourished. A woman who is connected to her inner womb portal knows this space as the endless universe she carries in her lower belly. And that when the time is ripe, the next cosmic unfolding of wisdom organically streams through her cervix into her birth canal.

In times of sitting in the void, she cares for herself. She massages her body. She cooks rich nourishing meals for herself.

And sometimes, she might come up with an insight that something needs to be alchemised in her inner landscape in order to proceed on her path. Then, she embarks on a journey within and brings awareness, touch, sound, breath and movement to the melting of her blockages.

This is all part of a woman’s way home. To herself and to her relationship with nature.

A while ago (must have been some weeks now), I wrote I’m pregnant with an offering. I never took so much time just letting it marinate in my womb. I let it completely free. The last piece I received a while ago was the name of my offering which feels like home for me. Since this day, I’ve been sitting in the void and I decided to trust it. Because I’ve already experienced it countless times.

As I cook a lot of traditional nourishing meals for myself these days and connect to my motherland through food, I sense how also my offering receives all those rich nutrients.

I took away the hustle, the stress and the pressure so that my baby can flourish on a grounded breeding ground in her natural way and divine timing.

This is sustainable creation. Which is what the future awaits from us.

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