The first time I became conscious of the significance of my mole that I carry on the right next to my lips was in the religion classes at grammar school.

I was baptised Catholic right after birth. (I don’t need to tell you that I stepped out of church legally as soon as I was an adult.)

The religion teacher was an older woman who always had her suspicious eyes on me. Already in my early years, I would question the concept of a male God as portrayed by the Catholic Church and cause some turmoil in the classroom which led to sweat drops on my teacher’s forehead.

At this point, I understood that there was a greater meaning to it.

In the following years, the pendulum swung from one side to the other: In my early teenage years my mole would be considered as ugly by my peers and later on, I was said to have a sensual destiny and my girlfriends would paint one themselves on their face.

Many different cultures and religions such as Ancient Greek, Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ancient Rome have various connotations and explanations for a mole next to the mouth.

However, (and here is when I began to understand my earliest experience) during the Middle Ages, moles were believed to be a sign of witchcraft, and anyone who had a mole was said to be possessed by the devil.

Personally, when I now connect to my mole in the mirror I see a portal that is connected to various parallel life experiences streaming their ancient, earth-based, intuitive and sensual wisdom through me.

What do you connect a mole next to the lips with?

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