Something is deeply rumoring in my womb. It has the taste of grief.

A while ago, I stumbled upon the use of the word ‘matrix’, especially in the spiritual arena where this word marks the structures of all the distortions like the corruption, obedience and slavery installed in the societal frame of the corporate world, education, financial system, government, pharmaceutical sector, mainstream media and such which ‘we need to escape from’. E.g. a corporate job is named as a ‘job in the matrix’.

I stumbled because I recognized the root word ‘mat(er)’ in it which means ‘mother’. When I felt into my womb, I sensed there was something not right about how we use it. My womb ached and felt sad.

Before the movie ‘The Matrix’ from 1999 in which the matrix depicts a simulated reality created by machines that drains the humans of their life force, the word was used to describe an environment in which something develops which in fact is the uterus in which a baby develops. The translation of ‘uterus’ stems from the Old French word ‘matrice’ which comes from the Latin word ‘matrix’ which means ‘womb’ and also ‘breeding female’. Even further back, it stems from the word ‘mater’ which means ‘mother’.

Even the Spanish word for womb is ‘matriz’.

I didn’t find more information about it on the internet nor did I discuss this with anyone.

I asked my womb to guide me and she told me that we need to bring awareness about the misuse of this word and trace it back to its origin. It’s not the matrix that we need to “leave or escape from”, it’s all the synthetic, corrupted and perverted overlays that were installed into the matrix that we need to see through, dissolve, entangle and liberate ourselves from so that the matrix can live and breathe from its original organic form again.

If we were to take it further and see our planet with all its beings as the womb of Mother Earth, we could understand how all of what we are currently experiencing on a global scale can be led back to the distortion and corruption of our original life force that resides in the womb, the portal of all life and creation – our inherent power as human beings that we are here to remember and reclaim now.

What are your thoughts about it? Have you ever stumbled upon the word ‘matrix’ yourself?

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