The ones who really see and above all, FEEL themselves through the distortions of the current global scenario will invoke remembrances in their cell memory of past incarnations. Remembrances of being tortured for speaking their truth. Of being burned at the stake for following their intuitive wisdom. Of being brutally silenced for staying true to themselves.

The triggering of these memories can feel life-threatening and cause anxiety and panic. If we don’t face these traumas that call for our attention right now and run them through our system for release and healing, we are likely to end up in a loop of negativity, fear, confusion and madness.

We don’t free the life force that’s trapped in them to create a world in which we truly desire to live in.

It’s in the responsibility of the individual right now to no longer run away from their own shadows. And yet, it’s not everyone’s path. The ones who turn away from their inner truth and walk into the opposite direction are only mirrors to provoke our own liberation.

The more we align with what we feel in our heart and where our organic life force takes us to, the more we will manage to walk through this darkest and most narrow part of the birth canal with ease and grace.

The ones who decided in this lifetime to reclaim their sovereignty as a universal multidimensional being will have to learn how to hold themselves all the way through it by stepping up in their emotional maturity and finally take responsibility for their human incarnation. They will also learn how to do this in harmony with the rhythms and birth pangs of our Mother Earth.

As Mother Earth once said to me: “Release the resistance and stay close to me. Swing and flow with me. This is how you will be born.”

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