When a woman attempts to heal herself and liberate her organic life force, but circulates inside a limited spiritual frame of understanding, she will not break through.

Her soul will stay trapped in an artificial reality with its installed systems of manipulation, corruption and suffering until she digs so deeply that she arrives at a state of feeling her entire universal journey through all dimensions and timelines and thus, comprehends that her past creations have been sourced from both – the light and the dark.

Only then, she can decide to take full self-responsibility for them and build her new universe from a foundation of natural sovereignty through the embodiment of her inner felt truth.

Our shadows also wanna just come home…

… and be integrated.

A woman escaping from them will always stay trapped in the artificial reality of manipulation, corruption and suffering on some level on any dimension.

Your shadows reveal themselves to you at different times in your life. The deeper ones are not there all at once. The sneakier ones call for your attention when you’ve already embarked on your journey of reclaiming your gifts. The installed systems to keep you from living your purpose try absolutely anything to hijack you.

This is when the self-doubt, the imposter-syndrome, the addictions and self-sabotage patterns kick in loudly. And it can go even uglier into total self-destruction.

A bit more than a year ago, a quite barbaric shadow of mine from the past knocked on my door. It would come multiple times in short thrusts during the day. It felt so heavy and dark that I always pushed it to the side and just continued with my day. However, it would always leave a disgusting aftertaste.

I started to explore this taste… and it was the taste of such a tremendous guilt that I felt I needed to vomit every time I dared to touch upon it. And when I understood that it was connected to my women’s work – especially the yoni healing – I was even more afraid to face it.

One day, I had a video chat with my witch bestie and the agent of this shadow knocked on my door again. Immediately, I felt the sensation of nausea and deep guilt. Because I was in the presence of my friend I felt safe enough to look this shadow right into the face. In this moment, I was able to fully receive the message and remember that I once stood on the other side of women’s work.

I saw how desperately this shadow wanted to come home. This guilt felt so heavy that it broke out into a forceful waterfall of tears. I cried for a very long time with my friend witnessing me. The grief I felt for this shadow aspect of me was tremendous, the feeling of it eventually guided me to integrate it.

This old feeling of guilt kept me trapped in a timeline of self-sabotage, insecurity and emotional heaviness.

Sometimes, these shadow aspects can be overlays our soul chose to have the experience of liberating ourselves from it. In any case, they have to be dealt with and integrated.

Later on, I would even more understand how we were and still are all involved in the creations of this planet, the solar system and our galaxy as multidimensional beings from a perspective that is often times hard to capture with the human mind. And how we create these experiences for our individual as well as collective universal journeys.

Due to the level of corruption, mind-control and violence that’s taking place here on Earth I have to say it went very far. Just from my human heart I would even say it went too far.

No wonder, the current global fuckery pushes us to step into our self-responsibility as multidimensional beings and become sovereign again to bring everything back into its organic order sourcing from its natural wisdom.

This is the time.

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