The era of discernment has begun. Nobody other than you yourself can walk you through this. You rely on yourself here.

We are faced with decisions that are either or. There’s no middle ground. Nothing in between. We can observe it on a global scale, especially in the political and health arena right now. And this will increase as we as a species are walking deeper into the compression tunnel in the rebirth canal of the Earth’ womb.

Discernment becomes more and more important because the decisions we make about our health, job, place of living and relationships have a more direct felt impact on our life than ever before. The human is forced into self-responsibility and sovereignty at this stage of soul maturation.

The two questions are: How clear within yourself are you? And how much do you trust yourself?

These are the barometers for your level of discernment.

Your clarity and self-trust depend on different factors and conditions of your personal journey as a human being.

All of this comes without judgement. (!)

Someone who has thrown themselves into making mistakes in their life and learning from them first-hand has another level of discernment than someone who has always prevented themselves from not taking any risks.

Someone who has come a long way of integrating, releasing and healing from their traumas has another level of discernment than someone who decided to not look at them.

Someone who has built a relationship with nature and is connected to their inner child through their heart has another level of discernment than someone who is disconnected from both.

The information bombardment from all sides whether it’s in the conventional media or conspiracy area is getting more and more spiced up. Division in both of them is taking place. And even divisions within the divisions. Trolls add their extra spice.

Every time chaos is exhilarated in the external, it’s an invitation for inner clarity and discernment.

Regardless of the topic you are currently confused about, take a deep breath and first of all, ask yourself: What does my personal lived experience tell me about this?

If you don’t have a personal experience in that arena or you can’t remember the lessons you’ve learnt in other lifetimes, go deeply into your body and feel into your heart and womb. Your heart is the portal to the purity and innocence of your inner child. Your womb is your direct connection to nature, to your wildness and aliveness.

A woman who has done the womb work, is connected to her womb’s radar for what feels natural and what feels synthetic which is a necessary instrument in the current maturation process for stepping into her self-responsibility and sovereignty. She lives in co-creation with Mother Earth.

Don’t be afraid of this era of the evolution of personal discernment. It will walk you back home to yourself and remind you of your power as an infinite being.

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