Our womb and throat are highly connected. The womb is the creation center and through the throat we express our creativity out into the world.

In fact, anatomically speaking, the vocal folds look like the labia, the mouth is similar to the cervix and the oral cavity has the shape of the uterus.

The thyroid is the gland of maturity and growth and it’s the place from where we speak our truth.

Now, women who were in misaligned service to others all their life, swallowed down their thoughts, feelings and needs, remained silent and numbed down their aliveness, have difficulty to state their boundaries, feel their “yes” and “no” and are insecure of putting their messages out there and fully embody their purpose.

I remember shutting myself down as soon as I hit puberty. I was curious about everything sexuality and wanted to have conversations about it with my friends at that time. I grew up in a very conservative and Catholic imprinted little village in Germany and thus, was accused to be very “strange” because of my interest.

I immediately closed down my voice and would not open it until I was in my mid-20s. I felt so ashamed and thought there was something seriously wrong with me. Or even dirty.

All of this created huge blockages in my throat and I had severe tonsillitis several times a year.

It was only until I discovered self-pleasure, vaginal massage and de-armouring that I can now consciously release the trauma in my throat. It’s a process and the deeper I go, the more I see what’s still hidden and how profound this work actually is.

When I de-armour my vagina with a crystal wand or with my fingers, I can now feel the impact of the touch and release in my jaw and larynx. It’s tremendous. My throat tremors and releases tension by itself now.

The more I do this work, the more free I feel expressing my truth and stand with my voice for my purpose in the world.

Photo: Emiliano Vittoriosi

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