These sweet and rich tears of humbleness and beauty for my ancestry are still flowing in waves as I’m integrating this profound ancestral healing ceremony.

I’ve always been quite disrooted. Predominantly feeling the pain of my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother in my left knee, left ovary and underneath my left shoulder blade. It hit me hard 11 years ago when I was 21 years old and found myself at the bottom of my psyche in endless sleepless nights of getting sucked into a pitch-black vortex of suffering that showed up as depression, addiction, rape and suicide consciousness in my matriarchal lineage.

These pains became louder and louder. Especially, when I reached another milestone in living my purpose and sharing my gift with the world. I always thought I was alone in standing in the forefront without that solid support in my back.

When I sat in circle with these powerful women of my lineage, all I could do was to cry of relief. I wasn’t aware of how much I was craving for their support. They handed me over a hook with a spiral for the womb work. I had no idea that this work was in my lineage. The womb weaving has always come natural to me. I’ve always known how to lead a woman back home to the power of her womb and release the numbness and pain through energetic surgery.

And now I know why. It is being passed on to me. It’s in my blood. I did it many times as I incarnated into my lineage over and over again to bring healing to our wombs.

I’m so humbled.

My left side is pain free.

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