I’m not talking about this often, but I feel it’s important to be addressed as this topic is swept under the carpet far too often and thus, buried deep down in a woman’s psyche and her womb’s tissue causing immense grief and an unbearable feeling of guilt for a whole lifetime.

I’m talking about abortion.

What I’ve seen over the years in my work is that when a woman who had an abortion is asked in my healing session to feel what’s the first thing being perceptible to her that created a trauma in her womb, it’s the abortion she experienced either in her teenage years or as a young adult.

Suddenly, it’s there again and the memories that she buried so deep return to the surface. It’s memories of having had to hide it from her parents because she was so young and felt ashamed. Or of having it done on her own silently locked in her room in a horribly painful way by taking an oral pill. Of maybe having had a partner who forced her to abort. Or of having it done in a hospital without any further ritualized processing. And so many other ways a woman could experience an abortion in a traumatizing way without any emotional support, mental integration, loving physical healing or spiritual processing.

Now, she’s in her 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s and there’s a dark hole in her womb’s tissue craving for forgiveness, healing and love.

Because our modern society went so far off from rites of passage, rituals and the weaved web of love and support between the wombs of all of us women that is so important to be alive in those moments in our life, an abortion can create a huge disconnection from a woman’s intuition, inner wisdom and vibrant feminine essence.

If you had an abortion that you’ve never processed, I know it’s not easy to go to this place inside of you. There’s grief. There’s shame and guilt. But it’s all here to be released. You are here to give it back to the Earth and open your heart to forgive yourself, others and the circumstances that were present back then and led you to the decision. Know that the soul who was about to come to you knows this.

It’s time for peace in your heart and in your womb.

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  1. I had to process 6 abortions when I got sober its taken years but a soul that is aborted also understands why it was not destined to live..it helped me a lot and made me cry deeply when I read about that in a book by Lorna Byrne on angels. Thank you for sharing about this. πŸ’™πŸ¦‹

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    1. So beautiful. A really deep experience. Thank you for sharing this with us here ❀


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